Wednesday, December 30, 2020



The year started out great, I played gong at an seminar, was an assistant at a show Búkalú and acted in Hatari´s new music video. Did a gig for Alþingi and for 100 kids in the countryside. Did gigs at Kramhúsið and taught a group Latin/Ballroom dances weekly alongside my normal zumba and jallabina classes at World Class. 

We in Dans og Kúltúr organized an epic Roaring 20´s party. Went on the radio and were featured in the paper because of it:

Traveled to Mexico for my best friends wedding and met all my friends there. Such a beautiful ceremony.

Tried Ayahuasca and boy did the world change.... LITERALLY
I came home and there was COVID. 

From live classes to zoom
From lots of gigs to none
From live classes to zoom

We in Dans og Kúltúr were suppose to go to Dubai but Covid changed that. 
My job was changed in an instant

So I changed my focus and studied
Became a 
Yoga Nidra Trainer
Absolute Training Trainer
added NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) 
and CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)

Did live dance classes on zoom and posted videos on youtube:

In the summer there was no cases so we were FREE .... for a while
So I saw two concerts, Dúndurfréttir with my dad and Aldamótatónleikarnir with friends.
Went for some cocoa and dance spiritual ceremonies. Did my weekly therapy.

Actress Anna was in full swing

Teygur commercial
Hatari music video
and another "V" TV show I can´t remember the name of

Wrote articles on Ví

Was a featured guest at the podcast Þín Eigin Leið: 

Blue Lagoon offered Ielanders a special deluxe deal so me and Oddrun went and pampered ourselves. 
Traveled to Hvammstangi to go to my first Sveitaball and saw Paparnir and Stuðmenn . 
Traveled the countryside with Þórdís to Akureyri, mývatn, Ásbyrgi and of course JaJa Ding Dong bar in  Húsavík. We stopped by at the beerbaths for some refreshment. Really fun trip. 

Surprised everyone at work and sang with Ingó veðurguð at their summerfest. 

Became a personal trainer and taught dance along with working in the spa. 
Did coaching and hypnosis. 

Then came second wave of COVID

Adaptability. The rules changed every 2 weeks, so my job changed that way as well. A personal trainer, dance teacher and an entertainer working in a spa, all my jobs were out. So surrended and RESTED! Finally working on my burnout for real. Doing absolutely nothing and that was ok.That was my job!

Best part of 2020

Met the love of my life Halldór and got to know what its like to have a family of my own. Him and his daughter welcomed me with open arms. I moved in after only a couple of months. So grateful.

2020... it was the worst of was the best of times.
A time to reflect on your life. At yourself! 
It all depends on how you look at it right? 

Tuesday, December 31, 2019



Year of firsts
The year I did something new every day
The year I started playing guitar
The year I started writing again for a news outlet
The year I also worked as a DJ and Karoke Host
The year I did a show of my own at Hótel Kríunes
The year I started writing again on a popular web site
The year I spoke in front of a room full of people and told my story
The year I learned a lot, NBI, Reiki, Gong, RTT and assisted twice in Dale Carnegie
The year me and my best friend Frikki organised a trip to Morocco and dance parties at Hard Rock
The year I tried out comedy at Gaukurinn and Secret Cellar

-Dublin, Ireland
-Vienna, Austria
-Rome, Italy
- Finland

Got enough of traveling and finally had the feeling I wanted to stay in Iceland and make a life there


-RTT hypnosis
-Gong (sound healing)
-Facebook/Instagram marketing

Agnes Joy

Samgöngustofa ad

Blue Lagoon Retreat Ad

Worked as a CEO for the Icelandic Dance Sport Federation until this year and I´m proud to say I helped dance get more covered in the media. We have AMAZING dancers and they deserve even more coverage in the future. They are not only winning here in Iceland but abroad.

Útvarp Saga
Stöð 2
BURNOUT! I was interviewed on Stöð 2 regarding my burnout.
Created a group in the process:
and I´m coaching several clients to help them from burnout to balance.

Started writing articles on Ví

Learned a lot, be careful about what you write about or you´ll end up on DV (gossip outlet).
Which I did. Learned a lot and wrote about the experience.

-Choreographed the main Pride song and danced alongside my idols

-Dans og Kúltúr
So proud of everything me and my best friend Friðrik have done with Dans og Kúltúr. First of all our trip to Morocco. Despite Wow air going under we found a solution and had a wonderful layover in Belgium. We moved our dance parties from Gaukurinn to Hard Rock and celebrated Culture Night and Halloween among other events there with great success. 1001 nótt, 17.júní, menningarnótt, Pride, Reykjavík Fringe and travel to Finland´s Laahti fringe are among a few of the events we danced in. 

On Halloween both me and Frikki went out of our comfort zones and performed as other characters, me as Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Did gigs at Hótel Kríunes, Alþjóða geðheilbrigðisdaginn, Hugarafl and more.

 -Zumba and Jallabina
Taught dance classes at World Class and took part in several charity events.
Proud to help raise money for good causes.

Ended the year with a zumba event with these fabulous instructors Javi and Daði (from Allir Geta Dansað) and our ZIN Iceland representative Ísabella

-Assistant Coach in two Dale Carnegie Seminars
Grateful to meet these amazing people and learn from them.


My LA podcast Entertainment Drive-Thru, where we interviewed people in the entertainment industry. Honored to interview and get to know these amazing people.

Anna and the Bells: I´m really proud of our songs so I put them up on Spotify


It was a really difficult year personally. Went on meds last year when I felt like the world was collapsing and finished this year without meds. Very proud of myself! Went off with a help of RTT, Hugarafl, friends and above all my own strength. Been working on myself a lot. Proud of it!

Thankful for my friend Oddrún who told me to do a blood test and doctor for giving me an iron injection. After that I completely changed my diet with a help from a trainer. I started working at the spa in World Class. They have a amazing food there. Really helped me in changing my diet.

My brother had a baby, a beautiful girl named Elva María Claessen
Another girl in our family. Celebrated in our childhood church, Seljakirkja.
Thankful for my family

Wednesday, January 09, 2019




-Spain x3 (Salou, Sitges and Barcelona we organized, Salou with family and Salamanca for Aga’s wedding with friends)

-Bali x2 (first by myself then with the family)
Ubud, Nusa Dua and Seminyak
-LA x2 (So grateful for my friends there who let me stay with them and spent the day with ❤️)
-Denmark (Roger Waters Concert, BFF weekend trip as well as layovers to see my nieces)
-Mexico (surprised my bff for her bday)
-Singapore (with family)
-Thailand (Pattaya with the family)

World cup commercials (2x)
Blue Lagoon hotel commercial
Norwegian commercial
Ófærð Season 2
Venjulegt Folk
Pabbahelgar (2x)
Valhalla murders
Verliebt in Island
Agnes Cho

Featured in
Útvarp Saga
Stöð 2

Taught beyonce and did gigs at Kramhusið, zumba and jallabina at World Class, taught aqua aerobics for seniors as well as 3 charity zumba classes to support great causes

Got my diploma in Executive Coaching at the University of Reykjavik

Sold out our dancetrip to Spain and organized multiple dance shows at Gaukurinn with my bff.

Became CEO of the Icelandic Dance Sport Federation (DSÍ) after working at Hotel Kriunes

This year has been tough, so tough i broke down more than id like to admit, but i always allowed myself to rest and heal and then pulled myself up, worked on myself and surrounded myself with people that lift me up. Im proud that i was able to do all this despite the pain and grateful to the people who helped me through it

Met amazing people, some who have become my best friends ❤️ so grateful to all the people in my life, my family and friends here and around the world, just know i love you and miss you and you always have a place in my heart ❤️

Thank you to everyone i met and worked with this year, Friðrik Agni ÁrnasonWorld Class Laugar, Kramhúsið, Margrét Erla Maack - Miss MokkiGaukurinn, Dansíþróttafélag Hafnarfjarðar Dansíþróttasamband ÍslandsÍþrótta- og Ólympíusamband Íslands - ÍSÍ, Salsa Iceland, Lærðu að elska þig, Hotel Kríunes Optimized Performance K-Iceland Festival MARIO & YANA Háskóladansinn Dans Afríka Iceland and all the others, especially those who booked me for gigs, attended my classes, was on our show or came on our trip....its been a pleasure.

Heres to an even better 2019 🎉

Wednesday, January 10, 2018


-changed jobs, centerhotels to ikea to my own

-created dans og kultur, website, shows, trips

-studied coaching at HR
-sold the apartment and bought a new one 
-learned jallabina and started teaching
-sang with my girl group
-got to know the amazing salsa community at salsaiceland

I am super proud of our project Dans og Kúltur which was born in january and by the end we had a website, trip, shows, coverage in k100, Frettablaðið, vikan, útvarp saga and we’re planning even bigger things. Thank you Frikki, Asa and Sigrun for everything and Gaman Ferðir and Gaukurinn for working with us.

-alicante with family
-stockholm with frikki to get jallabina licence
-london with family
-albir with frikki 
-munich meeting friends 
-barcelona/cambrils/sitges, our own dance trip
-new york with frikki and met andreea

Its been a challenging year to say the least but im grateful for the people in it which showed on my bday when half the people were people i met this year. Met friends i havent met in many years,reminds me how lucky i am to have friends around the world.

2017...we’re sooooo OVER!!!!
2018 here i come

-teaching dance at World Class and Kramhusið
And a couple other secret things on the horizon


Sunday, February 26, 2017


-Los Angeles, CA, USA
-Mexico City 
-Alicante Spain 
-Vienna, Austria
-Budapest, Hungary
-Prague, Czech Republic
-Boulder, Colorado
-London, England,
-Sibiu, Romania


David Gilmore
Black Sabbath


-CenterHotel Plaza
-CenterHotel Arnarhvoll
-CenterHotel Miðgarður


Strong Certificate



Meeting my friends after 8 years as well as traveling with both our families

Saturday, January 02, 2016


-Catering for SES
-Taught Zumba and Dansparty classes at World Class Iceland
-Hostel Village
-CenterHotel Plaza

-Dead Heroine
-Vintage Caravan
-Agent Fresco

-Michigan, visited Dan´s parents and friends
-Denmark, visited my sister and her family

-Ligia and Andrew
-Sam, Rachel and Ezra (aka jellybean)
-Ásdís, Ragnald and the twins Helene and Viktoria

-My grandpa Kjartan who passed away this year

-Melissa Joan Hart, Ed Asner, Steve Vai, Cherie Currie, John 5,  Atticus Schaffer, Naomi Grossman, James Durbin, Jean Louisa Kelly, John Roberts (Linda from Bobs Burgers) Richard Grieco,  
Mackenzie Aladjem, Gary Pihl, Steve Morse, Jamie McShane, Phil LaMarr, E.G. Daily, Max and Mike Portnoy, Periphery, Dikta, Roddy Chong, Lauren Shaw, Paul Rugg, Dana Gourrier Linda Taylor, Agent Fresco, Roger O´Donnell, Charley Koontz, Jonathan Freeman (voice of Jafar), Derek Meers, Aristocrats, Margo Rey, Chris Borders, Ginny McSwain, Oliver Vaquer, Greg Howe, Jeff Scott Soto, Robert Clotworthy, Lauren Ash, Neil Napier, Ari Stidham, Lori Alan, RB Botto, Ben Von Wong, Caitlin O Connor, Neil Morse, 311, Jennifer Hale, TrueRivals, Vintage Caravan, Shelley Regner, AudioNation, Michael Grimm, Almost Kings, Nate Adams, Amabadama, Allie Gonino, STASH, Alanna Ubach, Koffin Kats, Kristen May (Flyleaf) Pip, Stryfe, Chris Wyse, Heloise, Nothing More, Jack Griffo, Judy Stakee, Árstíðir, From Ashes to New, Autumn Skibinski, Lego Guys, Dankrupt,Elvina Beck, Joe Boyd,  ABC Family Freakout cast and Teachers cast and more....

-Self Defense Class
-Zumba Gold and Zumba Basics 2 Seminar
-NAMM as a media professional for Entertainment Drive-Thru

-Bought our very first home in Iceland
-How to Get Away with Murder episode I was in aired
-Acted in Icelandic, French and German films
-Starred in a music video "Crazy Horses" by Vintage Caravan
-First gig in Iceland with Anna and the Bells
-Became a Zumba Gold Instructor
-Interviewed by the Immigrant Entrepreneur
-Cover and 4 pages in MAN magasín in Iceland

Wednesday, December 31, 2014



-My family visited in January, finally had Christmas food I hadn´t had in 3 years!!!!
-Alexandra, Minna and Ligia came to visit us in Los Angeles

-Comedy at the Comedy Store and Flappers
-Saw Book of Mormon, Little Shop of Horror and Vagina Monologues
-Thousand game nights with Steve, Mike, Hanna and more
-Saw our friends rock out with their bands
-Sex and the City Night with Moa
-Drinks with the Disney Girl Group
-Hiking with the Bucks

-Left Sugar Factory, PartyStaff and LA Fitness to focus on our company
-Side work: Quiz Up, Paid Audience Work (SRO/BTS), Special Events Staffing, Universal, Graumans and background work (How to Get Away with Murder)

-Las Vegas with Alfredo and Ligia
-Michigan, visited Dan´s parents and friends
-Norco, visiting Dan´s extended family
-Iceland, Dan´s first visit, radio/magazine interviews, sight seeing, meeting friends/family
-Boston, visiting my relative Thor and sightseeing. Loved BOSTON!
-Florida, Two houses with my family, my love Dan and best friend Frikki. Amazing trip!
(Universal and Disneyworld)

Cameron Diaz, Celine Dion, Queen Latifah, Wayne Brady, Michelle Williams, Mike Epps, Lisa Edelstein, John Payne (Asia), Jon Lovitz, Andy Dick, Stephen Merchant, Dana Carvey, Pauly Shore, Jeff Garlin, Bill Burr, Bobby Lee, Chris D´Elia, Whitney Cummings, Brent Morin, Ron Funches, Paul Adelstein, Cast of 10 Things I Hate About You (David Krumholtz, Susan May Pratt, Andrew Keegan and Joseph Gordon Levitt, that´s right), Viola Davis and the Cast of How to Get Away with Murder and cast of How I Met Your Mother (except for Jason Segel/ Neil Patrick Harris)

Queen Latifah show
The Real
The Chase
Sex Box

-Formed our company/podcast Entertainment Drive-Thru (Listeners in 125 countries)
-Released the song "Show Me Love" by our band Anna and the Bells
-The song got played for the first time on the radio
-2 Radio interviews on Bylgjan and Kaninn in Iceland
-Articles in Frettabladid and Vikan
-Passed the Driver´s Test!
-Became a certified bartender

We´ve lost friends and roommates but we also met some amazing people.
It´s been a really challenging year but also amazing. That´s LA for you!