Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New article: "Ég elska bókasöfn" as well as one UNPUBLISHED

I wrote two articles, one about libraries and another about the people voting for people to re-write/add to the constitution. Which one do you think got published? The one about the library. The other one wasn´t published. I´d love to hear their reason why.....

anyway, i used the social media and published it on my facebook site

The other one can be read on Pressan



Tuesday, November 16, 2010

One Minute Fly

I just love this video. Talk about finishing your life list just in time ;)

Saturday, November 06, 2010

My name is Anna and I´m a workaholic

  "My name is Anna and I´m a workaholic"
This sentence is me these days.... i´m a workaholic. 
I might as well change my home address to my work address because i´m never at home. Finally this weekend i got a chance to do something at home and RELAX, which meant to me blog, work on my sites, write and watch some tv i couldn´t watch during the week.

When i´m not working i´m hanging out with friends. I try my best to meet my friends regularly, at least for a movie or chat. My work colleagues are also cool, so i´ve been out with them a couple of times. That includes Halloween. Last year i celebrated halloween in Vienna. The only problem was, I was the only one. I was the only one in Vienna dressed in a costume, an indian one. To top it off i was saying goodbye to a person i´d only talked to via e-mail so she and all her friends got to enjoy the sight of me in a costume. Me dressed up in a group of normally dressed people. Lets just say i was left scarred. 

So this time, i was went all out. I wanted a cool costume since we in Iceland dress up for Halloween (at least some). So i bought my costume at an erotic store (that´s right, the only place for female my age to get a decent costume is an erotic store) and headed over to my work colleagues, who were dressed as Pamela Anderson from Baywatch and a stewardess. Me, I was dressed as a slutty FBI agent. We chilled at their place and then i met my friends Svava and Sara at another party, held by our gay friend, awesomely decorated. Leave it to the gays to have the most fabulous parties. Everybody was dressed and you could really get into the halloween spirit. Then we walked downtown to see our friend Haffi perform at Nasa. It was quite empty when we came but after we were on the dancefloor for not even 5 min it was soooo crowded. Talk about a full house. Then i went to other places to meet my work colleagues again, at Vegamót, where i managed to fall up the stairs due to too many people. That left a huge mark (purple one and it still hurts).  When i was finally upstairs a guy came up to me and said "Anna Claessen, you´re famous!"... funny since i have no idea why i should be famous. Although a couple of days earlier i was on the cover of the most respected daily news in Iceland "Morgunblaðið" with pictures, review from my zumba class and interview with me about zumba. AWESOME!!! so i was famous for a day. I really enjoyed seeing my photo on the cover of the daily news. Normally you have to do something huge to deserve that. Also, the photo was good, which isn´t always the case, especially with icelandic photographers. So halloween ended with me going to B5 but it was so crowded, i asked my dad to pick me up. Not really ideal but i was soooo exhausted...

What else...ZUMBA ZUMBA ZUMBA...now i´m teaching Zumba 8 times a week, i´m looking forward to my sixpack for christmas, at least i fitted into small size of this FBI costume. I felt so proud
btw. i´m looking for some help with websites i´m creating. So if there are any website creating geniuses out there who can help me out, just holla. I just changed to bluehost hosting site and i am thinking of doing it in wordpress. Does anybody out there have any templates or ideas for a cool site. I want at least a big video on the main page and then blog (not sidebar). Any suggestions?

Until next time....xoxo
zumba girl ;)