Wednesday, January 10, 2018


-changed jobs, centerhotels to ikea to my own

-created dans og kultur, website, shows, trips

-studied coaching at HR
-sold the apartment and bought a new one 
-learned jallabina and started teaching
-sang with my girl group
-got to know the amazing salsa community at salsaiceland

I am super proud of our project Dans og Kúltur which was born in january and by the end we had a website, trip, shows, coverage in k100, Frettablaðið, vikan, útvarp saga and we’re planning even bigger things. Thank you Frikki, Asa and Sigrun for everything and Gaman Ferðir and Gaukurinn for working with us.

-alicante with family
-stockholm with frikki to get jallabina licence
-london with family
-albir with frikki 
-munich meeting friends 
-barcelona/cambrils/sitges, our own dance trip
-new york with frikki and met andreea

Its been a challenging year to say the least but im grateful for the people in it which showed on my bday when half the people were people i met this year. Met friends i havent met in many years,reminds me how lucky i am to have friends around the world.

2017...we’re sooooo OVER!!!!
2018 here i come

-teaching dance at World Class and Kramhusið
And a couple other secret things on the horizon