Saturday, October 23, 2010

Our Zumba fitness facebook page

I just created a facebook page for fans to follow our Zumba fitness courses. We have big plans for Zumba so stay tuned. This is just the beginning...!/pages/zumbafitnessis/160215017346325

Friday, October 22, 2010


Oct. 20 was a "purple day" where they asked people to wear purple to remember the lives of the teenagers that committed suicide due to gay bullying. Horrible how many have taken their lives due to bullying. That´s why i had to share this video above of councilman Joel Burns, sharing his experience with the subject. It´s a video that everyone should see.

I hate bullying in general but why is it always against people who are considered different in some way. I was always drawn to those people because that meant they were special, had something that the others didn´t see. And i know a lot of gay people and they are the sweetest and most special people in my life so that´s why i walk in the gay pride parade each year. For them. For my gays. So they can one day feel free to be who they are, to have the same rights as us.

I wish for those who don´t understand gay people to hang around them and they will see it, that it´s just love. Can you imagine if someone judged you and wouldn´t allow you to be with the one you loved.

Ask yourself: "how does a law allowing gay marriage affect me?"
Answer: "not at all."
But it does matter to them.
Equal rights for all!

My wish for 2010 is that people will understand that being gay is not a disease, not a choice - people who are gay are not looking for a cure but ACCEPTANCE and EQUAL RIGHTS!

Just missing a halo

In Iceland we don´t really have a rule like the Americans do with the 10% of your paycheck should go to charity. But we are happy to give our money to charity, especially if there is a special occasion. The charities in Iceland have been very active and creative, finding ways for people to give money and receive something instead, like lipgloss, candy, pin, necklace, key chain and ticket to events.

I try to support a charity every month in some way but nothing tops the other day. The Red Cross was collecting money, asking people to volunteer and go from house to house. See ad below

Of course I volunteered. I had to work so i grabbed a box and placed it on the table at the reception. I also gave them money, since i was in the red cross youth group and know all the great things they do.

That wasn´t all i did. I had to go to the book shop and saw a pin to support breast cancer (october is breast cancer month) so i thought, since i´d already given something, why not finish the day with a bang.

So there i was at work with a sticker that said i was a volunteer with a box to collect money and a pin to support breast cancer. The only thing missing was the halo ;)

What can i say, i love doing good things....

New article: "Ísland í ESB, nei takk....EÐA?"

A new article for Pressan, where i talk about a billboard i saw against EU. Here in Iceland people don´t really want to join EU and they can´t really point to why not, so i´m encouraging them to at least read more about it to form an opinion instead of just saying no.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

An official Zumba teacher

After spending a weekend taking an instructor course and master class with the great Jenna Bostic in Oslo, Norway I can now finally call myself an offical Zumba teacher.

Me, Marta (the other Zumba teacher) and my mom flew on Friday, spent the day in downtown Oslo, shopping and sightseeing. Oslo is really beautiful, i was astounded by the diversity of houses. Otherwise we saw H&M, H&M, H&M, it was all over the was even by our hotel. Let´s just say i probably spent my whole salary there. But it was all clothes i really need. I normally don´t shop often so when i do i buy a lot.

Saturday was Zumba day, first masterclass, then learning the steps, the music (intro-verse-chorus-break, etc) and then we created a dance by ourselves. It was so much fun. After the class we went to the hotel and took a little nap and then had dinner at the restaurant at the hotel. We had a blast, talking the whole night.

Sunday was Zumba day as well, pretty much same schedule, ending with handing out the diplomas and talking more about being a Zumba teacher and member of ZIN (Zumba Instructor Network), where we get cd/dvd´s and all sorts of material and access. Then we had our diplomas and left to our hotel only to eat dinner at the restaurant and then headed to the airport to go home.

A short but interesting weekend. I learned so much and was inspired to create my own routines so this weekend will be spent doing that ...can´t wait. My class is gonna be AWESOME!

I introduced Zumba to a town outside Reykjavik, called  Reykjanesbær (near the airport) during health week, where over 70 people showed up and more than half signed up for classes. A big success.

So if anyone needs a Zumba lesson, for any occasions, events or other,  don´t hesitate to contact me ;)

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Two new articles and a recommendation

"Íslendingar njóta ekki lífsins" and "Ofbeldi leysir engan vanda eða?"

I was also asked by Ferðapressan (the travel section) to write recommendation about Vienna

Feel free to comment... i´d love to hear what you think about the issues i talked about.
Do you agree/disagree?