Sunday, October 12, 2014

Iceland - Boston - Florida - LA



We have listeners in 115 countries and have been listed in New&Noteworthy and What´s Hot section. With almost 150 episodes, we are very proud of our show. We changed it from daily to weekly so we wouldn´t kill ourselves and could pursue our other passion: music

Success Story at MI:

Interview with Modernpreneur:

Dan´s first visit to Iceland so showed him all the main places and bars of course. My best friend Frikki got married, I was his maid of honor/best woman. Had a Zumba Masterclass. Did 3 photo shoots and interviews, including 2 radio interviews, one where Anna and The Bells song "Show Me Love" was played on the radio for the first time. What a feeling!

Best of all to meet my family and friends back at home. I hadn´t seen them for a while.




We stopped in Boston on our way back to LA at my relative Thor´s place and saw Boston Commons, took a tour of Sam Adam´s Brewery and walked along the Freedom trail. Of course we had tons of Clam Chowder and stopped where "Everybody Knows Your Name"=Cheers. I fell in love with Boston. What a beautiful city!

Family vacation! Even Frikki was there for the Zumba convention so it felt like the whole family was there. Loved getting to know my nieces, I hadn´t seen them since they were little. We spent the days swimming in the swimming pool, shopping, eating at restaurants and going to Universal and Disney World. The Harry Potter World at Universal was AMAZING!

-networking events, my favorite by far NARIP events
-Asia Launch Party feat. John Payne
-seeing our friends in concert
-networking and BBQ at The Piano Bar
-became a certified bartender after Bartending course at ABC Bartending School

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Think Jessica Rabbit meets Joan Jett :)

Has gotten radio play and on different podcast. Great response so far!


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