Friday, February 22, 2013

2012 Summary

-internship at True Talent Management and La Famos
-graduated from the Independent Artist Program in March
-got into the Vocal Performance Program
-released my EP on March 17 on to raise money so i could go to my sister´s wedding
-played Boo in Icelandic Poniez Production "Carlos&Brandi 2"
Carlos & Brandi 2 - watch more funny videos     

-Attended: People´s Choice Awards after party,  NAMM, VIP Warner Bros Sets (including FRIENDS, Gilmore Girls, etc), Roast of Roseanne, The Burn with Jeff Ross, Talking Dead, Whitney Houston Tribute, Eddie Murphy: One Night Only,

-SAW Brandon Boyd, Paul McCartney, Tommy Emmanuel, Aristocrats, Shana Halligan, Paul Gilber (guitarist of Mr. Big), Derrick Wright (drummer for Adele), Vinnie Moore (guitarist UFO), Steve Morse (guitarist for Deep Purple, Kansas), Dave La Rue (bassist Steve Morse Band, Dixie Drags), Carmine Appice (drummer, Ozzy Osbourne, Ted Nugent, Rod Stewart, etc), Vinnie Appice (drummer Black Sabbath, etc.), Rusty Coolidge (guitarist Day of Reckoning), Brian McKnight, Mario Lopez, the guy from the movie The Blind Side and Ronnie from Jersey Shore, Jane Lynch, Carrie Fisher, Roseanne, Seth Green, Wayne Brady, Jeff Ross, JB Smoove, Ralphie May, Russel Peters, Eleanor Kerrigan, Ellen Barkin, Amy Schumer Kat Von D, Fred Durst, Steel Panther, Brendan Small (TV show Metalocalypse) and Duff McKagan (GunsnRoses, Velvet Revolver) Stewart Copeland (drummer of The Police), Andy Mckee, Ben Folds, Foo Fighter, Deadmau5 and Chris Brown/David Guetta,Alice Cooper, Tom Cruise,Eddie Murphy and Stevie Wonder singing Higher Ground, Chris Rock, Adam Sandler, Samuel L. Jackson, Jamie Foxx, Tracy Morgan, Russel Brand, Arsenio Hall,  Halle Berry, Britney Spears, LL Cool J,  Clive Davis, Usher, Jennifer Hudson, Cece Winans, Yolanda Adam, Javier Bardem, Sally Fields, Hugh Jackman,Drew Carey

-Visits: Alexandra/Paul (Jan/Oct), Andrew (Sept), Michael/Ruth/Elena/Max (Dec)

-Travel: Iceland (March, June), Michigan, USA (March), Copenhagen (July), Santa Barbara/ Las Vegas, USA (Sept)

-Celebrity at home: The daily newspaper DV did an interview with me in Iceland

Other cool things:
-Got to hold an Oscar
-was name dropped in my favourite music newsletter Hushhushattack
-met Dan´s grandpa and grandpa´s brother, his parents, friends and sister
-took Dan to Icelandic traditional feast Þorrablót,
-met tons of amazing people

Started a band with my man Dan and friends from school called "Anna and the Bells" and we got a gig at the House of Blues.