Saturday, December 31, 2011

Icelandic American Holidays

For Thanksgiving, me and Dan were invited to celebrate it with a great group of Icelanders and the food was appreciate home cooked food so much more when you live on junk food :P

We didn´t really celebrate Christmas, my family called us at noon our time, and then me and Dan went to see New Years Eve at the Grauman´s and  had Christmas dinner at In and Out. Yes our style indeed.

The next day we took a roadtrip to Dublin (close to San Francisco) and had amazing Icelandic dinner (hangikjöt and jafningur) at my friend´s house, it felt like home, especially the next day when they had a couple of friends/acquaintances over. It was surreal because it felt like the family gatherings back at home. Small talkand cookies (piparkökur) surrounded by beautiful Christmas decorations. Celebrating it with loved ones. It was beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.

A great way to celebrate the holidays

Hollywood Halloween

In Hollywood, they celebrate Halloween with a Parade in West Hollywood, so we decided to dress up and walk all the way to West Hollywood with Dan´s friend Matt. Dan was Hugh Hefner, I was a playboy bunny and Matt was Quilman. The parade really reminded me of Gay Pride back at home, thousands of people celebrating together dressed up in beautiful costumes. it was ok, but it got to be too much and we walked back and stopped at Carney´s, a restaurant in a train car, on the way. It´s the tourist spot that Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory took his guests so we had to go and drink there :)

The parade was ok but i thought it was way more fun when we went to the bar Happy Endings a couple of days earlier. Especially since the doorman saw Matt´s costume and screamed "Quilman, in front of the line." I also loved that they played a lot of 90´s music, including Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys and other such hits, that i hadn´t heard in a long time. Made our day! Happy Halloween indeed!

30 celebrities in 4 months

Stars are all around in Hollywood. So far I´ve seen  Ellen, Jon Voight, Jack Black, Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Jessica Capshaw (Arizona in Grey's Anatomy), Colin Egglesfield,  Gerard Butler, Steve-O and the other Jackass guys, Taylor Lautner (at his premiere), Jason Sadeikis, Gilles Marini (naked guy from Sex and the city movie), Christopher Masterson, Dax Shepard, Gene Simmons (performed with his kids at W), Whitney Cummings and the cast of the show Whitney, and then those who came to our school, Musicians Institute, Derek Sharinian (former pianist of Dreamtheater), Matt Sorum (drummer of Gunsnroses and Velvet Revolver), Adrian Young (drummer of No Doubt), The Bangles and Ziggy Marley. So I've seen around 30 celebrities in 4 months. Not bad!

Monday, December 19, 2011

A Jimmy Kimmel love story

Two months ago I decided to go see Jimmy Kimmel live and boy am i glad i did because that's where i met my boyfriend Dan. That's right. I saw his MI badge (Musicians Institute, he goes to my school) and that started our conversation. We sat and talked during the show, had a drink after the show, played vintage videogames at his place and 2 weeks later we were boyfriend&girlfriend.

To celebrate that, we went to see Jimmy Kimmel together. It was exactly two months after we´d met.  Jim Parsons from the TV show The Big Bang Theory was his guest and i thought it would be cool if we bought Bazinga t-shirts (his phrase) and would wear them. Boy did that work! Not only did we get the best seats in the house, we were on TV, we became a part of the segment. Jimmy Kimmel pointed to us....

and in the end.....after Jim Parsons told a hilarious story of interaction with a fan he pointed out how great the distance between us was and the camera was placed on us. Our 5 seconds of fame.

What you didn´t see was him coming over to us, shaking our hands and thanking us. That was amazing. We met Jim Parsons.

To top it off, we also won 150 dollar gift certificate at Morton´s steakhouse and 150 dollars worth of gas at Shell. Amazing night!!!!

And i got an article and in the news back at home because of it