Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter weekend

Happy Easter... or so it was for me. Except for having to work most of the days i still managed to have some fun thanks to my new group.... Þórdís, her boyfriend Maggi and their friend Auður.

Let´s start before Easter, or more importantly at the annual of our workplace, NordicaSpa.  The event started with an introduction from our hostess (an actress, can´t remember her name), where she sang and then introduced the comedienne, bellydancer and actress Helga Braga, who danced, joked and then made us all stand up and dance to the Eurovision song "Düm Tek tek" much fun seeing everyone participate. Then we ate some delicious food while Ingunn and her brother they´re good. See it for yourselves....

Then it was on to the annual video, which Unnur Kolka, Birgitta, Margrét, Unnur Thors and me had made the previous Sunday and man it was brilliant. A mix of making fun of a lost tourist, towels, our daily customers and of course our employees. In the end we got dressed up in ridiculous clothes and did Ms. B bootylicious course. It was a smash. The video couldnt at first play all way through but Unnur K went home to fix it. She deserves all the credit. SO AWESOME! I would love to make it a monhtly event, doing such videos and watching it with the staff.

But on to the next act, which was a brilliant comedienne and then on to the endless lottery and finally our hostess took up one of our trainers Villi and joked that they had had a one night stand and he played along, it was so funny, can´t describe it, you just had to be there. The night ended with a bang, everybody on the dance floor, even me leading them in a waka waka zumba choreography, so much fun and even though the music shut down, we wouldnt stop, we just sang it "BARBARA STREISAND; WOOOHOOOO"... brilliant night

So Easter .... after a lazy next day, we went to Auður´s house where we (and by we, i mean they) cooked delicious lamb, and then we had brownie/easter egg/ice cream for dessert. WOW, it was so good, i´m still recovering. We ended the evening in the jacuzzi with a couple of carlsberg... at that point you just think "man this is the life". We also met a day later for some pork (just in case we weren´t still full from the last time), played cards, watched Wall-e, played buzz and had a lot of fun, like we always do. This time was even so much fun i cried of laughter...literally! How could i not. Have you ever seen Auður pull a gangsta phrase? that´s just hilarious. On Easter Sunday, my family met and had delicous meal together, shared easter eggs and played buzz. So Easter was a lot of fun!!!

I´m so grateful for the people in my life, my family and friends ...and happy to get holidays to be able to spend more time with them.

Monday, April 18, 2011

I love Bruno Mars.....

Love this video, so simple, so silly, so brilliant. He is one of those artists that turns anything into Gold....his voice is amazing. He has worked with tons of artists and helped them top the charts.
Who wouldnt melt when he sings "cause girl you´re amazing, just the way you are"