Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dan´s birthday week


My man Dan had a birthday and since he was so amazing to take me to Vegas and give me an awesome birthday i thought i´d do the same. Give him a birthday to remember. A birthday week!

His first gift was an an autographed cardboard picture of his favorite actor Danny Kaye
 and one of his movies "On the riviera".

His best friend Andrew (since he´s romanian, i call him his BROMANIAN) came to visit us for 10 days for Dan´s birthday. Talk about a good friend. To top it off he gave him a hockey jersey and brought Dan´s favourite Michigan beer Bell´s Two hearted ale and others which they drank that night.

Nightmare on Elm Street Day
-I borrowed Dan´s book about Robert Englund (who plays Freddie Krueger)and had it autographed along with an autographed picture. As you can see on the picture below he was stunned. He couldn´t believe it

Awesome story though, I sent it to his wife Nancy who handles all the fan stuff, and since it took longer because she missed the apartment address the first time around she sent a postcard for me the second time around which read "Dear Anna, Before I met Robert I dated a guy on Sycamore, more like SICK-amore. Sincerely, Nancy Englund" cool is that! I got a postcard too.

After i gave him the present we, Andrew and our good friend Crystal went on our own  
Nightmare on Elm Street Tour, which included

-Nightmare on Elm Street house (or Genesee Ave, located in West Hollywood)

-John Marshall High School in Los Feliz....also filmed Grease and Pretty in Pink there

-Tina´s house and The Canals (located in Venice Beach)

The day after we did our own Winetour of Santa Monica

On Monday, Andrew and Dan went to see Conan O´Brian´s show. His guests were Simon Cowell and Demi Lovato (from X-factor) and Jake Gyllenhall (a special guest since he was suppose to appear later in the week). Needless to say they had a blast!

Tuesday until Thursday was Vegas ....
-stayed at Excalibur, that theme including Sword in the stone bar and men in armor.
 Amazing. Now i can say i slept in a castle.

-upstairs was like a mall, including wedding chapel next to a pizza hut.

-gambling (we won at a penguin machine at the Bellagio )

-drinking in the street (since you can´t do that in the rest of USA)

-saw water-, volcano- and pirateshow...and of course posed for photos :P

-walked around amazing hotels

-dinner at Lynyrd Skynard bar

-dinner at Heart Attack Grill

-buffet at Mandalay Bay, where Dan ate something bad and had an allergy attack so we had to go back to the hotel. Nothing scarier than losing your breath. Thankfully we had just seen the pirateshow near Walgreens, where we could purchase allergy meds and help him catch his breath again.

-only pepsi at the hotel ...worst news ever since i love coca cola...

on the bright side they had popcornopolis, aka heaven! 

-stopped at the Pawn Shop (known TV show Pawn wars, which Andrew loves)

-stopped in Arizona where we bought the town out of BELL´s beer

Once we were back in L.A. Andrew was kind enough to take us to a Romanian restaurant. He was happy to get Romanian food and i was happy to get some Schnitzel. Delicious.

Last gift was a VIP pass to Universal Halloween Horror Nights. Andrew and Dan went and had a blast, especially since they love the show Walking Dead and this was the first time the show had a terror tram and a maze. Plus Alice Cooper Goes to Hell and Silent Hill. So many cool things to see.

While they were off, me and my good friend Crystal went to Ralphs and FreshNeasy and got some supplies for a surprise party. I invited Dan´s and my friends over and around midnight, when the guys came back, we turned down the lights and once they were inside everyone yelled SURPRISE!!!!
It was a success, Dan was so surprised and thankful.

On his actual birthday i showed him a video of happy birthday in icelandic, english, japanese, spanish, hebrew, yiddish, finnish, swedish, danish, german, romanian and another video from his family and friends (and his favourite teachers), who couldnt be there on his birthday! He loved it!

In the evening me and Andrew took Dan to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner.
So delicious and a great ending to a great birthday week.

I´m happy everything worked out so well.
Thanks to everyone that helped!!!!

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Famous comedians held an Oscar at a show

Saw the legendary comedian Russel Peters at the bar PigNWhistle. We talked to him afterwards,I thanked him for his joke on Icelanders "what do you get when you mix a Cuban and an Icelander= ICECUBE" while Dan was impressed with his Michigan knowledge. Apparently he had been there several times and knew a lot about the area. great to meet him. My friends were so jealous since they love the guy.

We came also across another talented comedian Eleanor Kerrigan, she was so nice. She invited us to see her at the legendary Comedy Store the following friday. We mentioned her name at the front and were seated in our own booth by the stage. A comic came on stage and joked about Dan looking like the bassist from Soundgarten, Dutcher (Dan´s friend) being Dan´s younger brother and since Dutcher studied psychology and Dan music he said "who would have thought that Dan was the one getting work." Eleanor was great as usual , we talked to her afterwards and she said that she laughed so hard when they mocked Dan, she was like "i know that guy". We talked outside Comedy Store for hours to Eleanor and co, including Don, the warmup guy from Jimmy Kimmel. I of course remembered him and thanked him for doing a great job. He was so grateful for the compliment that he gave me a hug. Great guy!

-got to hold an i can check that off my bucket list. I was going down my street when a man looking like the oscar statue (normal in hollywood) and a guy with a video camera came up to me and asked if i wanted to hold a real Oscar statue. I was sceptical at first but thought "sure...why not, when will you ever get a chance to do that". I got a photo with the statue and the guy. I looked it up and he actually won an Oscar for best documentary in 2005, then lost everything so he dressed up as Oscar man and has since then given people a chance to hold an Oscar and get a picture of it. What a great concept

-got great news...was name dropped in my favourite music newsletter Hushhushattack

-helped out Miss Bloom with her Artist Development showcase. I played one of the dancing munk in her song sleeping with jesus. Ironic that i was asked to do so (since my boyfriend looks like jesus). Such a fun show and it paid off because SHE WON!!!

-Am blown away by the talent at our school. Some of my favourite musicians at school just released EP´s...check it out Missy Hellstone,

The Evening Guests

Raihanna Estrada

Mr. Cordero


for those who want to check out my music, it´s

I´ve been working on my voice a lot and singing songs I have a hard time with, like the song "Savior" by RAGE AGAINST

Grateful to meet so many great people, to get to know people I admire, do things I never dreamt of and have a chance to work on my voice in a great school in the city of my dreams. Most of all grateful to share it with a man of my dreams.