Friday, September 20, 2013

Zombie Beauty Consultant recording an album

Joined Mary Kay as a beauty consultant. 
Spend my spare time doing facials with friends and get paid to do awesome!

Meeting friends
Met my girl Mina, who I haven´t seen since Vienna 2008. Great to see friends you haven´t seen in a long time. Especially as kind and positive as her. Check out her group on fb Happy Smiley Days,

My best friend Alexandra also came to L.A. on a business trip. I only got one evening to spend with her but it meant the world to me.She was my bridesmaid at the wedding. Miss her so much!

Crystal´s boyfriend Jeremie came to visit from N.Y. Best time Ever!!! We all got along so well.  Never seen Crystal so happy. He was there for her final showcase, which she rocked!!!!!!!!!!Check out her band Brooklyn and the City Stones on
Amazing couple as  you can see on the photo.

Zombie in a music video
Got to be a zombie in HARRP´s music video "Dead To Me" and film behind the scenes.  A fun sleepless weekend. Should be out around Halloween. Stay tuned:

Our band Anna and the Bells is currently recording its first EP at Stage Red Studios.
Can´t wait to hear the final product....stay tuned on

Otherwise enjoying my time with my husband and friends.

First Jewish Wedding

Dan´s best friend Jacqui asked him to be the man of honor at her wedding so we headed to Michigan

 Boy did they take care of it´s guests. 

My first baseball game ever. 
-Took us to a baseball game...Detroit Tigers vs. White Sox!
It was more entertaining than I thought, between the beer, hot dogs and tons of games on the screen, 
I had a blast.

Took us to lunch at Maggianos, reminiscent of our wedding, since our reception was held at a Maggianos in L.A. They also had cocktails and dinner.

We had rehearsal dinner, where I got to play the bride. Finally got to walk down an isle. At my wedding the only walk I did was through the metal detector at the courthouse. The whole wedding party had a blast learning all about the rituals. Great group of people.

First Jewish Wedding
The wedding was held in a hotel in Troy, Michigan
The couple, parents and bridesmaids/groomsmen got together in a room where the couple signed the Michigan wedding license as well as the jewish one.

Then the ceremony started like a normal one, walking down an isle to a Chuppah, symbolizing the home they´ll build together. The rabbi spoke of love and marriage and finally pronounced them husband and wife. It was beautiful. The reception was the best, dancing the Hora and other dances, one group dance i´d never danced before. I taught Dan Jive and we danced the whole night. Such fun!

We also got the chance to hang out with Dan´s parents, his sister and friends. I love visiting Michigan. His parents always take such good care of us and his friends are hilarious.

Thanks Mark and Jacqui for letting us be a part of your special day.
Thanks Dan´s family and friends for always taking good care of us when we´re in Michigan
Love, Anna