Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Sept-Dec 2013

Dan´s birthday 
-Dan´s favourite actor is Danny Kaye so I took him to his exhibition at Walt Disney Concert Hall. We took Glenn with us and did a Halloween movie tour as well. To top it off we ended the night with a party for Dan, with his closest friends. I gave him an autographed picture of Oasis, since Noel Gallagher is the reason he became a guitarist, a beer sign that he loves and finally Nightmare on Elmstreet on Blu-Ray, since Robert Englund (Freddie) is his other favourite actor. Great day!

We celebrated our 6 month wedding anniversary, so we had dinner at Maggianos where we got married. We ended the evening with playing Anna and the Bells acoustic set at Sheddys. So fortunate to have a partner in life and music.

Thanks to Jimmy Kimmel....Paul McCartney shut down Hollywood Blvd with an epic concert. IMAGINE everyone on the BLVD singing "Hey Jude"....needless to say I got goosebumps. I wanna write a song that means that much to people and everyone loves.To top it off, my tweet about meeting my husband at Jimmy Kimmel was shown on Screen.

I got a job at PartyStaff (a staffing company) after a quiz, class and an interview I was ready to go.

Catered the following events:
-Hairstyling event for Wolfgang Puck at LA Live was fun, my first gig, learned a lot
-Reagan Library Presidential Center in Simi Valley at a Pro Life Convention. Interesting to say the least. Such a beautiful area and there's an actual helicopter and a plane inside the venue.
-Tender Greens during Fashion Week for the mayor. Short shift and quick. Nice speech mayor!
-Bravo event at BLVD.. it was cool, they had a dancer in a swing over a pond and guys on stilts.
-UCLA for parents weekend. The campus is stunning, made me wanna study there.
-Californian Lutheran University Thousand Oaks...toughest shift. Communication is key people!
-California Science Center where we catered inside where they have the spaceship the Endeavor!
-Governor´s award was amazing. The room was decorated like the Oscars and I saw Tom Hanks, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Jon Voight, George Lucas, Steve Martin, Martin Short, Diane Keaton, Angela Lansbury, Jake Gyllenhall, Judd Apatow, Matthew McConaughey, Octavia Spencer, Bill Hader, Pharrell, Kristin Chenoweth, Gena Rowlands (Notebook), John Goodman among others....SURREAL!!!! Governors Awards was breathtaking.For a girl who fell in love with Hollywood through movies and especially the Oscars....this was heaven.
-Thanksgiving was spent at a home party. Enjoyed meeting people but it was really hard. 

Zumba at LA fitness
Got my own regular class on Thursdays 8 pm at Beverly/Wilshire but substituted at:
-Downtown Macys, North Hollywood and La Cinega were a blast, sooo many people
-Westwood was similar to Beverly Hills, but at least the people there really liked me.
-Hollywood El Centro had dedicated people. Appreciate it.

Got a job at Sugar Factory as well as writing questions for an amazing app called QuizUp. I´m focused on that right now as well as teaching Zumba.

Driving Test in L.A.
Failed the first written test and passed the second time. Turns out there are a lot of different rules in US then in Europe. Then it came to the actual driving test. Despite having driven for 10+ years in Iceland I had to take a drivers test....and FAILED TWICE. They are insanely picky here and I feel they don't test on things that actually matter. I feel they should take you on a freeway and parallel park. Here its all about the little things and they fail you easily. Now i'm just getting my confidence up and studying to make sure i pass the third time. Third times the charm!

Hello San Francisco

Had a blast visiting Dan's relatives in Grass Valley. they have the most beautiful ranch with horses. The area reminded me of a western movie. Had lunch with them in Napa and then off to Berkeley and Oakland to visit family and friends. So happy to hang out with my in-laws...i missed them.

Rockstar husband and friends 

Saw Moa rock out with her band Dead Heroine at King King. I´m so proud of her, she´s been playing in the Kiss girl tribute band called Priss. Our friend Steve also rocked at The Rainbow. Crystal also did her first gigs outside MI with her band Brooklyn&The City Stones. So proud of her.

Harrp promoted their music video and performed at Ireland´s 32 right before Halloween so everyone dressed up. It was awesome. Dan dressed up as Rob Zombie and me Minnie Mouse. We said Rob Zombie stole me from Disneyland :P

They also rocked out at the Roxy and Viper Room. I´m so proud of my rockstar!

Met Kevin Heffernan, Steve Lemme and Jay from Super Troopers after their show at Flappers.They were so nice and Steve talked to us for a long time about Iceland. Apparently he's been there twice.

Saving my birthday, Christmas and New Years for next blog....until next time :)