Sunday, February 20, 2011


My friend Svala with her awesome band Steedlord and choreography by the great Sonya from the TV show So you think you can dance. AMAZING!

Sunday, February 06, 2011


Zumba is almost my main profession these days, I teach at NordicaSpa and I´ve done several interviews because of it, including a radio interview at Rás 2 at the show Sirrý, where i talked about Latin Fitness and Zumba. I also had a full page of pictures from my class, interview with me, review and my name was an answer in the quiz at magazine Lifið Heil. Loved it!

I´ve also tried to write more, use my BA degree, so i´ve written several articles at Pressan, and was also offered to interview Rannveig Rist for a new newspaper called Hafnarfjarðarblaðið. It went ok but i realized that it had been a while since i interviewed someone and was a little out of practice. It was funny listening to the replay of it, it reminded me of a How I met your mother episode where Robin had a case of "but um" and it became a drinking game. Mine was "hérna" and i said it thousands of time.

I have enough to do with zumba and work but i´m still working on getting godandaginn and brighten-your-day up and running. If there are any website geniuses here...raise your hands i´d love some help, mostly connecting my hosting account to 1984.  Any help would be appreciated.

Party animal

This is the first weekend in months that i haven´t been out during the weekend partying. Yes, i´ve been a workaholic during the week, working in the gym/spa and then teaching Zumba fitness and then during the weekends i´ve met my friends and partied with colleagues.

So sum up since last blog about my life, met my friend Þórunn and we went between pubs, first English Pub where a 60 year old man interrupted the troubador and sang "Now or never" by Elvis Presley for his wife, so adorable. Then we went to Faktory where we listened to classic rock songs, vegamot where the latest pop/hip hop songs were played and we danced a bit ,warming up for Celtic Cross where we danced like crazy aside the awesome troubador, which þórunn knew because of his sister, Ingunn, which turned out to later work for the spa. This shows how tiny Iceland is.

Then a birthday party of my work collueges, which was held at Players. It was so much fun, especially since i got to know better the people i work with. At work we´re in different places so we don´t interact much so that was great. We then went downtown to Hressó and Austur where two guys bugged us. One licked the chin of my friend and another came up to the other friend i was with and tried to kiss her. Seriously? Does that ever work?

I met Guðrún and her friend Steinunn and we made homemade chocolate (konfekt)...or they made it, i stirred and made jokes. Then we danced around the kitchen....i loved it. It was like the movies. I love my friends, they´re crazy enough to do something like that.

Next weekend I really wanted to go to Páll Óskar concert so i called up Guðrún who unfortunately could not make it but told me her friend Steinunn wanted to go. So i got her number, called her and we went together. We had a blast, we were early so we had a drink at English Pub and then went to the concert at Nasa. Funniest thing happened, a guy came and yelled "ANNA CLAESSEN, ANNA CLAESSEN, GIVE ME YOUR HAND", i thought it was weird but gave it anyhow. He kissed it and then went away. So weird. So funny. This was the second time a stranger came up to me and knew my full name.  The concert was sooo much fun. I love Páll Óskar and had a blast with Steinunn. I admit, it was a bit weird being with a friend of a friend but 2010 was like that. I hung out mostly with new people, friends of a friend or colleagues, in fact on my birthday i was surrounded by the new people. Very representing of that year.

Ragnald (my sister´s fiance) invited us, the whole family, to their new place and cooked for us amazing food, danish style. Then we played singstar/dance, where the guys danced brilliantly to Backstreet boys song "everybody" and the funniest dance "Pop" by Nsync. Hilarious dance. So much fun!

The birthday weekend i went out with Birgitta (or ms. b as we call her) and Eva and we went to Hvíta Perlan, where we played a birthday song for Ms. B, or 50 cent song "In da club" which i changed into "ms. b, it´s your birthday, we´re gonna party like it´s your birthday", then we went to her favourite club Vegamot. It was a lot of fun.

on my birthday i had a 80 min massage at NordicaSpa (where i work), then spent time with my family at home and answered the hundred something greetings on facebook. i love having a birthday on Facebook.  In the evening when i met my work colleagues and friends of friend at Vegamot. We then continued at English Pub where Þórdís  and her boyfriend adorable. I swear they´re like Lily&Marshall in HIMYM, and they joke that i´m like Robin. True i wanted to be a journalist and have embarrassing videos  they have a point.....Now they call me scherbatsky

I celebrated my birthday properly with my best friend. Frikki, in fact we celebrated our "30" together ,because he turned 23 and i 25 and 2 plus 3 plus 25=30 ...i know ridiculous but we found it funny so our theme was "FRIENDS", since we´re best friends and loved the tv show FRIENDS. We had Friends quotes and pictures of us everywhere and only invited our closest friends. We had cake, rice crispies treat and pretty much what you would have at a kids party and then played "pakkaleikur", "stoppdans" , singstar and all the games we played as kids. That was our thing, to have a birthday party like we had as kids. It was a success, our friends were crazy enough to go along and we all had a blast. We also wanted to test how well our friends knew us so we had a quiz about us. It was fun to see how much/little they knew. Even Frikki´s mom had difficulty remembering some things she should know. We had sing/dancestar in the end, but i was exhausted from having been up since 5 am (those 6 am shifts are tough) but i was really happy with how it turned out and grateful for my friends.

New years eve i spent with my family, watching the news summary and then sketch show Áramótaskaupið until the new year and then drove to Frikki, but him and his boyfriend had a little party with good friends. We drank, danced and then went to Barbara. We danced the night away. 

Next evening i had promised Dagný to go to Júlladiskó, an event so i went with her and we had fun but i was so exhausted after the night before so i had to leave early. Dagný unfortunately missed my birthday party so she made it up by baking me pizza and those were delicious! then we watched My life in ruins. So great of her. A true friend.

The time went by so fast, before i knew it, it was time for Frikki to go back to Milan, Italy, where he studies. So we had a goodbye party at his sister and my friend Kolla and her wife Sandra´s place. It was so wonderful, they have a kid and they just had another baby. So adorable. We played Popppunktur and made up songs, so hilarious! A great group of people. We then went to Frikki and Davíð´s place and then downtown to Dillon, where they play classic rock and then Barbara. So much fun as always with Frikki and his friends. 

I´ve spent a lot of times with the girls in the reception. I love hanging out with them, since they´re fun and like to go out. They had a dinner party with delicious food one time, then we supported our girl Ingunn, the backup singer for Yohanna (which was in 2nd place in Eurovision 2009 with "Is it true") who was competing in the semi-final for the selection for  our Eurovision song. Then we went to Vegamot. Funny enough another incident happened where a guy came up to me and said that i was the only person he "liked" on facebook, when i asked him how he knew me he answered zumba, songs and more, that i was a celebrity and then asked to take a picture with me. How could i say no to that. So adorable. Then he said "have a great night" and left. What a great interaction. I loved it, especially since i´m far from being a celebrity.

Þórdís invited me to have boardgame night with her boyfriend and their friend and man, it was on. I lost brilliantly. I don´t do it any other way, but i had a blast getting to know them better: We also watched some concerts, American Dad and went for a drive downtown. Great night.

What else....if i´m forgetting something i´m sorry, my memory is like Dory in Finding Nemo :P
I´ve had a blast going out, especially sober (since i´m crazy enough without alcohol, plus saves me a lot of money and i can drive home)....but i´m happy to go one weekend without.