Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Spring break travels

2 countries and 7 spring break

I went back home to Iceland to change my visa status from M1 to F1 and talk to my bank and LIN (loan institution). Not only that but i got my hair done, dentist appointment, newspaper interview and managed to see my family and friends in less than a week. Wonderful to hug my loved ones. Had dinner with the family on Mon, met my friend Kolla and her family on Tues, movienight with Gudrun on Wednesday, goodbye party on Thursday and saw my grandparents and hung out with my sister and her twins on Friday and I left Iceland on a Saturday. Flew to Boston for a layover and then two flights to end up in Michigan with my man Dan and his family.

This had been the longest me and Dan had been away from each other since we met, so you can imagine our excitement when we saw each other. Dan came running with open arms. So sweet. I finally got to meet his best friend Andrew in person. So sweet. He drove us to Dan´s family. His family greeted me not only with open arms, but a  poster and a gift basket. Could they be any cuter? Yes, they also bought cola and made popcorn because they know i love it. Needless to say i fell in love with them instantly.

The next day, Andrew, his mom Ruth and Dan took me on a tour through West Bloomfield to Detroit. We walked around and ended up having hot dogs at Coneys and their rival (side by side) and Andrew showed us the main hat store in town. Really cool. We had dinner with his family and then met his friend Nate.

The next day Andrew drove us to Kalamazoo (or Tiramisu as I call it), where Dan studied and most of his friends are. We did though make a beer stop at Dark Horse and Bells, two amazing breweries.  met his other best friend Inga and his other friends, we took a tour of his old campus but mostly hung out with his friends. I was so happy to finally meet the people Dan talked so much about. I got to know why Dan loves beer. If anybody tasted Bells beer they´d know why. The bars there were also fun. One bar is named The Library, another Beer exchange, where it works like a stock market and 411, where Dan played. So cool. I got introduced to Disc-golf, it´s pretty much golfing, except there is a frisbee and you throw it in a basket. I made this legendary shot. His friend Wes drove us back to his family where we had Shabbat dinner and then movie night ( My Blue Heaven) with popcorn and cola, my favourite. Such a great way to end the trip! We took the 4:11 flight (ironic since Dan played at a bar called 411), two flights and then our roomates picked us up in L.A.

You need to get out of Hollywood once in a while and i was really happy to spend the spring break in Iceland with family/friends and in Michigan getting to know dan´s family/friends. But i´m happy to be back and look forward to start the Vocal Performance Program at Musicians Institute. Bring it on!

Graduation Day 2012

Graduated from the Musician´s Institute IAP Program on March 17, 2012

I was really proud of myself. I did it, 
i had worked like a maniac for a year to afford the program and i had an EP to show for it. 
My family normally bought me jewelry to wear on my graduation day but since i paid for it myself i bought myself some awesome guitar earrings from Hard Rock to celebrate this great accomplishment.

My graduation, however, left me feeling blue. It´s nothing if noone shares it with you. 
I was happy that my best friend here in L.A. Sara and the Icelanders were there but Dan and my family/friends were away, so i didn´t feel the love. Plus it rained in L.A. that day. What are the 
odds? We Icelander looked at each other and smiled, thought it reminded us of home.

The bright side of the graduation...having Alice Cooper as our keynote speaker. 
how badly i wanted to pull a WE´RE NOT WORTHY!!!!

How many people can say Alice Cooper was at their graduation?
Only in Hollywood!