Monday, October 10, 2011

One month

Been here almost a month....still cant believe i´m here

Since Natalie, my awesome roomate, was leaving to London I spent a lot of time with her. We went shopping on Melrose, got a psychic reading and she got a Tattoo....  a beautiful dove wth the saying "Take it easy, don´t let the wheels drive you crazy." 

She always wanted a tattoo of a dove with a message but hadnt gotten a message yet. A few days before she invited a homeless man to eat with her and after a long talk, he ended up singing the song by The Eagles Take it easy....and it really resonated with her. 

So I went with her to Melrose to a tattoo place called Immaculate conception. It took about an hour or two, time went by fast, she was so calm. Amazed me.

She left last Monday, so sad but i´m so grateful to meet such an amazing person and consider myself lucky to call her a friend. My Swedish Angel. See her blog

I love shopping on Melrose, its the best, such unique clothes and if you´re lucky you get the sales person as your personal stylist. 

Gréta took me Salsa dancing at El Floridita (reminded me of the salsa bar Floridita in Vienna). It was so much fun, granted i did not have the shoes for it but man those guys can dance. I (former latin dancer) even had trouble catching up. thankfully they take the lead. Always so much fun with Gréta.

Met more icelanders, Andrea took me, Jónína and Jökull to Manhattan beach. Too bad it was freezing, so Andrea and Jökull juggled and we talked. We spotted a lifeguard and i couldnt help but put on the Baywatch theme. Made them look around and smile. mission accomplished!

I´m a huge movie buff, so figures i go to all the movie theatres and see the latest films:

-saw Moneyball, featuring Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill, in a theatre in Los Feliz with my homegirl Ragga. Oscar worthy movie. To top the evening, we saw Mena Suvari on the way

-saw the premiere of "Finding Joe" in Santa Monica, movie about the wisdom of Joseph Campbell, starring Deepak Chopra and other philosophers. Really inspiring movie. I found out about it because i love Philosophernotes (www.philosophersnotes), a program by Brian Johnson, who also starred in the movie and gave us a copy of his latest book Philosophersnotes and i got a picture with him....awesome! 3 years ago i started listening to him and now i was next to him.

- went and saw "What´s your number" in Graumans Chinese Theatre, starring Chris Evans and Anna Farris, they are hilarious and interesting topic but i was more blown away by the theatre. No wonder the premieres are held there, huge theatre with amazing decorations and costumes, like Dorothy´s from Wizard of Oz and Marilyn Monroe´s dress from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. And the bathrooms. The entry was larger than our apartment, filled with mirrors and chairs. Perfect dressing room.

-was having a bad day so went and saw 50/50 at the Pacific theatre at the Grove. Smart move when having a bad day, there is nothing like crying your eyes out at a cancer movie. Good movie!

Had a HOLLYWEIRD moment when going by bus to Santa Monica. I was sitting at a bus stop when an older man drove his convertible towards me and asked "would you like to do a threesome with me and my girlfriend (pointing at the woman next to him)".... i was speechless, so he repeated like 3 times. Needless to say I said "NO THANKS"

School is interesting, this quarter i´m taking Recording Techniques, Logic, Songwriting, Visual Media, Entertainment Business, Vocal lesson and an internship (i´ll figure that out next week). The first day was kind of overwhelming but after taking all the classes i feel better and i´m excited to see how it goes.

I had time after Orientation so I had lunch at Mel´s diner (love love love the diners here, sooo my place) and then visited the Hollywood Museum located near the school and what a trip, saw everything from Lucille Ball memorabilia, costumes from Moulan Rouge, Glee, Twilight, to the dog in Something about Mary to Planet of the Apes and the cellar from Silence of the Lambs. There was also a very interesting video about Maxfactor, and different dressing room for different haircolors, blondes (Monroe) brunettes (Jackie Collins), etc. Really interesting museum.

On my way back home I saw a line, where they were offering tickets to Jimmy Kimmel live, since i had no plan i planted myself there. Then i noticed a guy who had a MI badge like mine, turns out hes in the guitar program. Great guy. The show was great. So surreal having Jimmy Kimmel so close to you. The guest included the creators of South Park and Jessica Capshaw (Arizona from Grey´s Anatomy). Trey Stone and Matt Parker talked about being on acid at the Oscars (when they dressed up as J.Lo and Björk)....funny you can say acid on tv, but not Shit or Fuck...that´s America for you.

Had a day off so decided to go to the Grove, where Ellen Degeneres was having a signing for her new book. I showed up early only to found out i was late, apparently you´re suppose to come in the morning, get a wristband and that guarantees you a copy of the book and one on one time with her. That sucked, since i couldnt do that, i decided to wait by the entrance on the floor where she was signing. I took a photo and then took off. When outside I saw people posing with  Jon Voight, and then later i saw Jack Black (he was playing at an Autism concert). Fun to be surrounded by stars. 

As much as i hate to admit it, the honeymoon is over and work has begun. Next months wont be as eventful since i will have school and studying. But you never know. There are some fun events at school, like the drummer from No Doubt who having a Q&A next week. Thats the beauty of being in Hollywood. The stars are all around.