Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Help us win free studio time!

My band Anna and the Bells has been nominated to win 30 hours of free studio time at Stage Red studios. We´re currently no. 1 but we need your help to win

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Friday, March 08, 2013

Live Performances

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Engaged Zumba Instructor in full wedding gear.

"Whats that on your finger" my fiance asks and i put on the biggest smile. So happy to be engaged.

Best surprise.... my best friend Alexandra (my maid of honor,who lives in Mexico now) showed up at my door for an hour long chat. Thanks to my awesome fiance who skipped NAMM to be there and organize it. So lucky to have such amazing people in my life! 

My rockstar fiance Dan played with his band HARRP at the Viper Room and Mr. T´s Bowl. I´m so proud of him. He´s been working so hard and it´s paying off. Speaking of rockstars, saw my friend (mad temple) and Steel Panther rock out. Did a review on the concert. Loved it!

Joined the school newspaper  MI Express. Interviewed Stephen Herring (Professional Development Office at Musicians Institute) and Allan Rich (songwriter, wrote Whitney Houston´s hit "Run to You"). Honored to meet and interview them.

Had a blast at NAMM, got to test out one of the mics and a beatboxer, violin-, keyboard- and a mandolin player joined me in an epic version of Anna and the Bell´s song "Expirationdating". To top it off Dan won a pedal at Tech21! Great day!
We got a new drummer for Anna and the Bells and did our first audition together for graduation. Didn´t get the gig but it was great practice. Love playing with them.There´s nothing like playing with your friends and loved ones. Next show is at school on March 9. We´ll be performing our new original songs "I Know" and "Running"....stay tuned: www.facebook.com/annaandthebells
Speaking of Anna and the Bells, I won a free facial for me and my friends so I invited the girls in the band to join me. It was a Mary Kay facial and my skin has never felt softer. Great to have the girls with me. They loved it! Crystal even won a free makeup remover in one of their games.

I´m Officially an Aqua Zumba Instructor...my fourth zumba certificate (Zumba Fitness, Zumbatomic, Zumbatoning and now aqua Zumba)

In February I attended the Zumba Fitness conference in L.A. with my mom. It was a whole weekend of Zumba, got my Zumba Sentao certificate on Fri, took Burlesque and Bollywood classes on Sat and Dancing through the decades on Sun. Such fun! Loved having my mom in town. She flew in from Iceland for the occasion.

My mom finally met Dan over steak and wine at Flemings on Valentines Day. They really got along. We decided to test out the wedding menu at Maggianos, the restaurant for our wedding. Delicious food and a stunningly beautiful venue. Can´t wait! So happy to have my mom in town. Between my mom and my mother in-law, they got the venue and reception down.

Full wedding planning. Me and my bridesmaids went shopping for a wedding dress. What a blast! My friend Bunny couldn´t help it but shed a tear, so sweet. We then continued shopping at Glendale, we couldn´t help it, Blackhearts and Spencer´s rock. Perfect girl night ending with cocktails at Red Robin. Otherwise ordered tons of stuff online. Love modern technology. Makes things easier.

Our roomate Eric left to Philadelphia, so now we are three in the apartment, me, Dan and Kevin. Kevin is leaving us in May. Interesting to see who will replace him.

What else....Met Dave Navarro at school and got to know Peter Dobson (Elvis in Forrest Gump, The Frighteners) through our neighbor who´s doing webseries with him. Sweet guys. Can´t wait to see the webseries. Sounds interesting. So proud of our neighbor!

Wedding and graduation....

can´t believe i´m graduating with my husband as Mrs. Anna Zerin...SURREAL!