Sunday, August 19, 2012

School, Voice Over workshop, The Police, Roseanne Roast and parties

Back in Hollywood after break and straight back to school. Missing 1 week feels like missing a month between semesters, amazing how fast they go in the Associates program.

Ear training and sightsinging are tough for me but otherwise i´m liking the rest, Harmony&Theory, Art of Success, Vocal Technique, Vocal Performance, Keyboards, Vocal Interpretation and Artist Development: The Songs. I´m learning a lot as usual but feeling overwhelmed. That´s what i find tough with school. Enjoy school without getting overwhelmed.

I love LPW, Live Performance Workshops, each week there are different songs in different genres and you can sign up for them and play with other students from the school. It´s really cool, especially when you can perform with people you like, like

I sang "Somebody That I Used to Know" with my best friend Bunny

and Dan and I sang "Wonderwall" when i was sick.....i just put on a "It´s gonna be LEGEN...wait for it...DARY" and sang best to my abilities at the time.

Dan also challenged me to sing the intro to South Park so I couldnt resist.

Speaking of voice-overs we did  a voice over workshop with Kate McClanaghan and to top that day off we went to a clinic with Stewart Copeland, drummer and founder of The Police. Gotta love MI!

Outside of school, i mostly hang out with Dan, friends and study. I managed to get a tickets to Comedy Central´s "Roast of Roseanne", man Dan had a blast, i however did not have as much fun because the workers there were insanely rude to me. But the show was awesome. Really cool to see Jane Lynch, Carrie Fisher, Roseanne, Seth Green, Wayne Brady, Jeff Ross, Ellen Barkin, Amy Schumer and the stage in person.

Met a group of Icelandic girls. We were hoping to make it a monthly thing, so nice to feel back at home just speaking your language and to people from there who have been here for a while. Great group of girls and i had a blast. Look forward to the next meeting.

Decided to be social and a have a party for my schoolmates (mostly Vocalists)...I learned a couple of things after throwing a party in Hollywood. If you say invite your friends, they invite the amount of a football team, there is 1 girl to 5 guys, and i realized why we normally invite close friends over, so we dont have to deal with the landlord complaining because of noise, beer and cigarettes leftover on every floor. Yes, in L.A. they don´t come over and ask you to keep it down, they go through the landlord. Good to know.  What a party!

Now it´s 3 weeks left of school, can´t wait till it´s over!!! Have so much to look forward in Sept during break.....Vegas, Dan´s Birthday and his and mine best friends are coming. Can´t wait....

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dan roasted....

"Jesus Christ, you look homeless"

 There is nothing like being roasted by the roastmaster himself Jeff Ross. My man Dan got roasted by him, Amy Schumer, JB Smoove and Ralphie May. It was way longer than shown in this clip, including JB Smoove saying he looks like Rob Zombie.

We went on the first taping of Jeff Ross´new show called The Burn, which airs on Comedy Central and what a treat. Highly recommend the show, it´s hilarious.

 We brought our friends along and had a blast. We were seated in the second row so we had a good view and were even shown on the show. The Pro´s of living in Hollywood :)

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