Tuesday, June 19, 2012

These days

What i find similar to L.A. as well as Vienna, Austria is how international both of them are. But the bad thing about that is that people are always leaving.

We had BBQ, booze and guitar singalong saying goodbye to our awesome friend Jónína. It really felt like home, with a beer in hand singing with friends. Good times!

Reminds me of the Foo Fighters song "These Days" which i sang in LPW (Live Performance Workshop) at school. It was my favourite performance because i got to sing a Foo Fighters (my favourite band these days) with my bestie Bunny as a background singer. Such fun! I apologize for the beginning, can´t pull Dave Grohl´s low notes

Brendan Small (TV show Metalocalypse) and Duff McKagan (GunsnRoses, Velvet Revolver) came to our school. Kinda cool having met 2 of the guys from GunsnRoses.To top it off me, Dan and my best friend Bunny won Epiphone Beanies. We looked like triplets it was hilarious.

Saw Tom Cruise outside the Grauman´s at the Rock of Ages premiere, what a crowd he drew.

Also witnessed Gumball 3000, a major car road show

Saw Dan´s friends in Strange habits rock out at the Amplify theater and had dinner with them... Dan had been friends with them since middle school. So cute

Finals week was intense. My first quarter in Vocal Performance and i was dreading at least two exams. I tried to take it easy and enjoy studying for exams. It worked quite well. I had showed up for almost every class and done my work.

I helped my friend Bunny move. It was a lot of fun, met new fun people. She has been so amazing to me, i´ve been so lucky ever since i came here i´ve met some amazing people. She is one of them. I want to be with her in every class because she gets me through it. The program has been quite hard and she has really got me through it. Her and Dan. Dan went with me several times to the vocal labs where he sang and i did piano. It paid off, i got A- in piano. So far the grades are good. Thank god.

The best part of finals was the last day....i  rocked in rock vocals (sang Gavin Degraw´s I don´t want to be), had lunch with awesome people at Mel´s diner, shopped at H&M, met my friends and had birthday frozen yogurt and played mario party. Awesome end to a stressful week.

Break week started with a Champagne and a massage in a Beverly Hills spa (where Shakira/Katy Perry went) ending with a dinner at Eva Longoria´s restaurant Beso where me and Dan celebrated our 8 months together.... talk about a Hollywood treatment.