Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy 2011

I can´t believe the year is almost over. 
This year has been very interesting and challenging. 

-German class for 6 months
-FM4 interviews (about Eyjafjallajökull and Icesave )
-created (and it´s podcast)
-met with a pianist and also joined a band "The Hurricane Project" (genre: pop/ classic rock)
-taught Jazz and wedding dance workshops (a big hit) in Casomai
-met friends for movie nights, dancing and dinner parties
-went to Zurich for a job interview at Swarovski. Didn´t get it but was honored to be invited. 
-Kosovo and Albania (including the most interesting wedding i´ve been too)
-broke up with my boyfriend of 6 years
-moved to Iceland
-round trip around Iceland with my best friend
-new job at NordicaSpa in the reception
-became a Zumba instructor after a weekend in Norway 
-Zumba teacher at NordicaSpa, my class was reviewed and on the cover of Morgunblaðið
-wrote articles for Pressan
-party, dinner parties, movienights and other fun with friends and family
I´m working on my sites and :) 
I hope to have them up and running sometime in the new year but until then you have their facebook pages which i try to update daily

I´m just grateful for everything i have in my life, my family, friends and to be at peace with myself and my life. I´ve been working a lot on myself and what i want, discovering what makes me happy and i can say that i´m in way better shape mentally and physically than i´ve been in years. 

So for 2011, i want to work even more on myself and my goals, because when you work on yourself, you help others as well. 2011 is my year :)


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Post Break-up

Let´s just face it, breakup sucks and it´s hard to get over. It´s been 5 months since I broke up with my boyfriend and moved back home but i´m still recovering from all the change, from not having that special someone in my life.

It´s funny, i´ve noticed some things about being broken up i didn´t know. The frustration that follows. Seeing happy couples, songs (it seems all songs are love songs) or all this love in movies and TV series can make you makes you want to throw things at the TV like in this clip from Legally Blonde.....

or leave you bitter and hopeless like the following scene from Sex and the city

During this period i´ve discovered a couple of things that make you feel better

Break-up movies: "500 days of Summer" and "The Break up."


Break-up songs

 I will survive-Gloria Gaynor (ultimate break up song)

You and I-Medina (or Kun for mig in Danish)

Irreplacable, Beyonce

Big girls don´t cry, Fergie

Since you´ve been gone-Kelly Clarkson

Don´t Speak-No doubt

You lost me-Christina Aguilera

Single-Natasha Bedingfield

Single-Myah Marie

Single ladies-Beyonce

and my favourite (because it starts "love made me blind" focusing on the negative and then focusing on the positive "i´m feeling like a star, you can´t stop my shining")

Ridin Solo-Jason Derulo

Thankfully, like the song by Jason Derulo you get over these negative feelings and focus on all the positivity in your life. Your new found freedom, more time for yourself and things you love to do and discover yourself again. And that´s exactly what i´m doing...."I´m solo...i´m riding solo"