Monday, May 20, 2013

April-May 2013

April-May 2013
While waiting for a Green Card, I am not allowed to work or travel outside the States.
Until then, I enjoy the time with my husband, friends and work on our band Anna and the Bells

Been to the following concerts
HARRP (Dragonfly)
Jónína (Genghis Cohen)
Evening Guests (Skinny´s)
Lonely Trees (Art Show Downtown LA)

So fortunate to have such talented friends. An honor to know them.
I´m gonna miss Jonina, but she left to Iceland

-Kevin moved out and Crystal moved in. So happy to have a friend, female roomate :)
We also switched rooms so we finally have the big room. Finally my own closet.

-Crystal gave me her guitar, a white daisy rock guitar. Its´wonderful!
First song I learned to play....."Smelly Cat" by Phoebe Buffay...yes i love Friends that much!
have been learning the open chords lately and my picking technique.

Gamenight with friends... played Cranium with Martha, Crystal, Steve and Dan. Such fun!

Brendan invited us to another Flavin family gathering. Celebrating his birthday with drinks and a scavenger hunt. Gotta love Brendan´s family with their fun and games. 

Met Martina and Moa for some wine. Nothing like a girls night. 

Speaking of friends, I skyped with my friends Ligia and Aga in Vienna, Austria.  I´ve missed my girlfriends around the world so much. It´s hard to keep in touch because of the time difference but when we do it´s like no time has passed. That´s good friends.

New good friends are hard to find, so it´s special when you do. Annalee did the makeup for my wedding so I stopped by her place with an Icelandic easter egg and the rest of the money I owed her. I introduced her to my husband, Dan, and she introduced me to hers, Henry. We talked for hours and ended up staying for dinner and drinks. It was one of those nights you didn´t want to end. 

We met them a month later at Annalee´s concert with Lonely Trees. Great concert and then we went with them to Little Tokyo. Had drinks at a karaoke place and then had some Ramen.

Michael, Dan´s dad, came to town for business, so we went out to Taylors, a steak house in China Town.  Loved the atmosphere and service. Also caught up with his friends at another restaurant.

 My friend Emelie also came to town all the way from Sweden. 
We caught up with cocktails at Cabo Wabo and shopping at Amoeba.

With all this time to spare, I became a model for E! makeup school. I´ve been really fortunate to have some great makeup artist, first Ieva and then Monika. Both wonderful people.

Our band Anna and the Bells celebrated
-no 1 on reverbnation, 2,500 fans, 9,000 twitter followers
We have some big plans for Anna and the Bells

Santa Barbara mini-honeymoon

Mini honeymoon in Solvang, Santa Barbara
Our Getaway from Hollywood

Our mini honeymoon to Solvang, a Danish lookalike town. Stayed at the fabulous Hadsten House. 

Spent the first day and visited 2 breweries, Figuera Mountain Brewery and Firestone Brewery. Figuera was nice enough to give us a tour of the brewery. Very interesting. We had dinner and drinks at the second one and of course got souvenirs from both places. 

Second day was spent at wine tastings at wineries in Los Olivos and then we came back, took a little break and then took a walk around Solvang itself. We were lucky and came across "H.C. Andersen" dvd starring Dan´s favourite actor, Danny Kay.  Great find in this sweet little town.

In the evening we had dinner at the Hadsten House. It was delicious. Perfect day spent with my love. The trip was a great getaway from the craziness of Hollywood. Exactly what we needed.

ps. did you know there is a Santa Claus Lane in California...