Saturday, July 14, 2012

My sister´s wedding :)

My Sister´s Wedding, Copenhagen, Denmark July 7th 2012

The day started with makeup/hair at a hair saloon in Frederiksberg (where Ásdís, my sister, used to live), where me and then her girlfriends met up with her and we got all dressed and ready to go while Ásdís got her hair and makeup done. Then we toasted champagne in her honor.

Instead of taking a taxi or limo my sister wanted us to take the bus. It was awesome, we took 2 buses to get us to City Hall.Once in city hall, we all went upstairs where the ceremony took place.

 The city hall in denmark is stunning, beautiful interior. Beautiful place to get married. We all got pulled into a little room with a city official who pronounced them husband and wife (it was in danish so who knows what really went on), took some pictures and once downstairs, the best man Simon made us all make a toast to the happy couple. then everyone went outside to the next stop.

It was raining on the way so my sister and her husband took a cycle rickshaw (or bicycle taxi). It was brilliant. What a way to go. Rain means good luck so they´ll have lots of luck

Next stop: The children´s theatre, which the groom´s dad owned. A perfect setting for such an intimate event. It was only the closest family/friends and it felt like it. The wedding reception was beautiful, there was quiz about them between food sessions, slideshow of them, then the speeches. That got me. They made a speech to one another, their parents made speeches and then her friends and us, her family all made one. I had a hard time keeping it together, i almost shed a tear. Then we ended it with a Zumba dance and in the end they danced a wedding dance. So cute! definitely a wedding worth remembering. Ásdís and Ragnald, TIL LYKKE! I love you!

Surprise trip

"What are you doing here? Aren´t you suppose to be in Hollywood?
There is nothing as fun as seeing your friends faces when you surprise them. A couple yelled, others were stunned (like they saw a ghost) and one cried of joy. Only my parents and best friend knew i´d be going home for the school break. The occasion: my sister´s wedding.

Thanks to all those who bought my songs on and my parents i was able to make it to my sisters wedding on time. And boy am i glad i was able to. I wouldn´t have missed it for the world.

It all started with a flight from LAX-Toronto-Copenhagen and finally L.A. If it wouldnt have been for my upset stomach, the flight would have been fine. I was happy that Air Canada gave us a chance to watch old films such as the movie Big (starring young Tom Hanks). Hadn´t seen that in ages. After layover in Toronto and Copenhagen, I can´t explain how happy i was that Iceland Express landed in Iceland on time (despite horror stories of late delays and layovers). My dad picked me up at the airport. So nice to see him. Also my bed!!! after hours of flying there is nothing as sweet as feeling at home in your bed. Sweet!

Next day my mom and I decided to surprise my sister and the twins.... my sister saw me and screamed of joy I KNEW IT! Then asked me to be by her side on her wedding day during makeup/hair. I was so honored she asked and said yes. I spent the day with my sister, seeing her kids off to kindergarten and one of the twins to the doctor for a checkup. It was cute, they checked how good she was with understanding and verbal. The funniest thing happened when she had to point to pictures and say what it was and pointed to a stove and said "Dad" (Pabbi). My sister went into defense mode and said she worked everyday until 6 pm. So cute! My sister is amazing mom! After driving the twin to kindergarten my sister took me to my old workplace NordicaSpa, where my friends work and boy did i come at a good time. Lára saw me and came jumping of joy, then Birgitta came out and was shocked (like she saw a ghost), then Ingunn came and screamed, she was so startled to see me.  Such fun! I went home between and rested and then saw my friend Kolla and her family and they looked so funny at me, like wait...aren´t you suppose to be in L.A.? The end of the evening topped it all. I had told my friend´s Guðrún´s boyfriend that i would be arriving and i wanted to surprise Guðrún. He told me they´d be barbequing so i came out back, in the garden and then he called her name, she came out and was so startled she cried of joy. I hugged her and joined them for dinner and TV time. It was soooo great. I had missed everyone so much and really needed the break.

The next days i took it easy, met some more friends, went with my mom and Hulda (my brother´s girlfriend) to see What to expect when you´re expecting, saw The Intouchables with Ingunn, wow that movie was amazing, will probably win Oscar for best foreign film and best film. AMAZING. Saw "How to become Icelandic in 60 min" was hilarious! Rules for foreigners about how to become icelandic including the phrase "Þetta reddast", i knew they´d mention it since i don´t know any other nationality that has that phrase "It will work itself out somehow". Very interesting and funny standup. Will buy it on and give to Dan :P

Hulda (Stefán´s boyfriend) graduated so we went to her graduation party. Her mom made lobster, which was delicious. My stomach was though still upset so i couldnt eat too much. Met my friends Þórdís, Maggi and Auður, so cute, they had bought cola and popcorn especially for me. Had dinner at Tapas with Birgitta, Alice and Lára and had ice cream with Þórunn. So great to see them. Saw my friend Auður (i hadnt seen in years) and we went to this new bar Lebowski bar. It´s an awesome themebar, in the style of the movie The Big Lebowski, you can play bowling on wii there (in bowling shoes), pictures from the movie but then they have a diner type diner (with jukebox, etc).  My favourite unique thing was the playboy magazine collection as a wallpaper up the stairs. The top was to see my best friend Frikki, which i hadn´t seen for a year. I missed him so much! So great to see all my friends. I missed them so them.

The weather was amazing in Iceland, I barely had to put on my coat. Sunny days spent outside with family, tanning in the sun, watching the kids play in the turtles kiddy pool and jumping on our trampoline. Got asked to teach Zumba to a bachelorette party. That was a blast, especially since i knew some of them from my dancing days. Talking about zumba, i went to my mom´s Zumba lessons (she´s a Zumba Fitness instructor) and she is amazing. Such a good teacher and her music was great. Highly recommend her.

The Iceland trip was very successful and it was so sweet to see family/friends. Best way to surprise everyone, makes you feel loved! and its always good to is all around