Tuesday, November 06, 2012

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Celebrate good times

First band meeting and practice for Artist Development: the Show at school where we perform two of our original songs (mine and Dan´s). We got some great people to play with us and i´m so excited. We had our first band practice on Halloween and my backup singers just happened to be both wearing a zombie costumes, so i was a cop with zombie backup singers. How awesome is that.  

Halloween party on Friday at our icelandic friends place. Very cozy.
Dan´s friend from Arizona stayed at our place, went bowling with them while supporting our roomate Kevin playing drums at Lucky Strikes. Had our own lane and Halloween movies in the background.

Carved my first pumpkin, I did an A while Dan carved Stan´s Dad from South Park. Phenomenal!
Dan just joined this amazing band HARRP (http://www.harrpmusic.com/) as their latest guitarist and they were nice enough to invite him and me to
dinner ending with a beer in hand next to a bonfire. Felt like summertime. So nice!

Was sick for a week and what a more awesome way to come back from being sick...then go to TALKING DEAD live with Will Wheaton and Machete guy...what an episode!

Was a seatfiller with my friends Hanna, Crystal and Emelie at an at an amazing tribute to Whitney Houston....where Halle Berry, Britney Spears, LL Cool J and Clive Davis spoke while Usher, Jennifer Hudson, Cece Winans and Yolanda Adams performed. Great performances, sucked though that Celine Dion was missing, since she and Whitney Houston were my idols growing up. 

Eddie Murphy and Stevie Wonder singing Higher Ground, Chris Rock, Adam Sandler, Samuel L. Jackson, Jamie Foxx, Tracy Morgan, Russel Brand, Arsenio Hall all saying how Eddie Murphy inspired them. Just being with them all in the same room was amazing. Me and Dan were in awe, even better we got free wine! Talk about EPIC evening. Thanks 1iota.com for giving us a chance to be a seatfiller at Spike TV´s Eddie Murphy: One Night Only.

(copyright EW)
A year since I met Dan so we decided to pose for a picture outside Jimmy Kimmel where we met. I´m so grateful for that day cause that´s where I met my love.

Later that evening we met my best friend Alexandra and her boyfriend (visiting from Mexico) at their hostel for drinks and barbeque, and played some Foosball. Needless to say the guys won.  But me and Alexandra won for best yelling, heheh. 

Later that evening a party bus (limo) with full bar  picked us up and we went to the bar Saddle Ranch, used in many TV series/movies for its mechanical bull. So cool!
Having my best friend visit me meant the world to me. I hadn´t seen her since she visited in Jan and before that since the summer. Thankfully she travels a lot so i´m able to see her. That´s the problem with having international friends, living so far apart. There are some friends I havent seen for years and can´t talk to because of time difference. That tests friendship. Thankful for true friends like her.

All my performances at school are online. Me and Dan finally performed together in the concert hall. The song was no other than "Ain´t no right" by Jane´s Addiction. Was so proud to be able to sing that. Another favourite is "All my life" by Foo Fighters on Halloween. Such fun!