Saturday, June 05, 2010

Best city to live in ...or is it?

Vienna topped the Mercer survey once again with best living standards.

I get that, i really do, but i still wish the people here would and be happy with that (change it´s negative atmosphere, nagging) and treat other people with respect.

I agree with a boyfriend of my friend, who said "Vienna is as beautiful as it´s people are unfriendly"

I´m sorry, It might be because we come from Iceland, where most people are friendly or at least in stores (where it´s "customer comes first") so next to that there is no service and the people here are really unfriendly.

A friend of mine found the perfect song for Vienna, just replace the Love with FRUSTRATION so it´s "Frustration´s in the air... everywhere i look around" (and she has lived here most of her life)

The problem that I have with Vienna is that I don´t seem to get the work that I want here, everything is just so difficult and I´ll always be a foreigner here (even if you´ll live here 20 something years). I think you can´t understand it unless you live in Vienna. But also because I´m without family and friends. My best friend is visiting me from Iceland and i finally felt at home, so maybe that´s what I´m missing

Vacationing here is amazing or doing your studies abroad program but living here, despite having the best living standards in the world is not much when you don´t enjoy the day to day living, it´s like having all the money in the world but no one to share it with.

But then again...if you have your family and friends with you it´s different, or as they say, "Home is where the heart is"

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