Sunday, February 06, 2011


Zumba is almost my main profession these days, I teach at NordicaSpa and I´ve done several interviews because of it, including a radio interview at Rás 2 at the show Sirrý, where i talked about Latin Fitness and Zumba. I also had a full page of pictures from my class, interview with me, review and my name was an answer in the quiz at magazine Lifið Heil. Loved it!

I´ve also tried to write more, use my BA degree, so i´ve written several articles at Pressan, and was also offered to interview Rannveig Rist for a new newspaper called Hafnarfjarðarblaðið. It went ok but i realized that it had been a while since i interviewed someone and was a little out of practice. It was funny listening to the replay of it, it reminded me of a How I met your mother episode where Robin had a case of "but um" and it became a drinking game. Mine was "hérna" and i said it thousands of time.

I have enough to do with zumba and work but i´m still working on getting godandaginn and brighten-your-day up and running. If there are any website geniuses here...raise your hands i´d love some help, mostly connecting my hosting account to 1984.  Any help would be appreciated.

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