Saturday, December 31, 2011

Icelandic American Holidays

For Thanksgiving, me and Dan were invited to celebrate it with a great group of Icelanders and the food was appreciate home cooked food so much more when you live on junk food :P

We didn´t really celebrate Christmas, my family called us at noon our time, and then me and Dan went to see New Years Eve at the Grauman´s and  had Christmas dinner at In and Out. Yes our style indeed.

The next day we took a roadtrip to Dublin (close to San Francisco) and had amazing Icelandic dinner (hangikjöt and jafningur) at my friend´s house, it felt like home, especially the next day when they had a couple of friends/acquaintances over. It was surreal because it felt like the family gatherings back at home. Small talkand cookies (piparkökur) surrounded by beautiful Christmas decorations. Celebrating it with loved ones. It was beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.

A great way to celebrate the holidays

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