Sunday, July 25, 2010


There came a moment.....

A moment of clarity, where i could see clearly what I wanted. 
I had distance from Vienna and time by myself so i had no influences, only myself to think of.

So I thought.... 

"What do I want with my life? What do I want to become? How do I want to spend my time? 
Am I happy with my life now or do I need to make a change?"

The answer was clear

I wanted to move back home to Iceland....

My best friends were not surprised but others (who I talk to occasionally) were shocked, after all I said everything was fine. And it was. But I was not happy and I wanted more with my life. 

I also really wanted to get out of Vienna because it´s not the place for me. I´ve lived in Vienna for 5 years and gotten everything out of it that I can. So it was time to leave

So Iceland, here I come

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