Friday, December 28, 2012

Happy birthday...happy holidays :)

My real birthday (Dec. 20) was spent on Venice Beach with my man, his sister Elena and their cousin Max. We had a blast as the sun set and couldn´t help but pose for some pictures.

We tried to show them as much of Hollywood as we could in such short time. Took them around Hollywood blvd to Hollywood and Highland mall (Sweet candy store with marilyn monroe jelly bean picture and willy wonka chocolate store), Mulholland Dr., Sunset Strip, Beverly Hills, Rodeo Dr. and they went on their own to Santa Monica. So great to finally meet his sister Elena, she´s awesome and it was a pleasure having them both over.
On Icelandic Christmas, Dec. 24, we took them to the airport and once we were home it was already 6 pm in Iceland, aka where we wish each other "Merry Christmas" so i skyped with my family in Iceland and my sister and her adorable 3 year old twins. It felt wonderful, i felt like I was there. In the evening we met our MI friends and orphans for the holidays where we ate delicious food, played secret santa, present stealing game and finally played music. It was a very merry evening.

On USA Christmas Day, Dec. 25 we drove to Brendan´s (Dan´s band mate) and celebrated Christmas day with him and once again his fabulous family. They had good food and games. The Flavin family brings it every time.

On the 26th, we were invited to an Icelandic gathering. It was wonderful, tons of Icelanders and amazing food. One of my friends had just got engaged so i was so happy to see her and her fiance.

Otherwise I have enjoyed the time off and relaxing. Hope you did too :)

Happy holidays!

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