Monday, February 22, 2010

First podcast

That´s right, I created a podcast.
Since I love listening to them I thought to myself, "why don´t I make one"... so I did.
It´s for my site

Listen to the podcast on this site There you can not only listen but also subscribe to it (see right hand site, subscribe to itunes).

In this first episode I just explain the site as well as talk about happiness a little bit. In the next episodes i will talk more about these subjects as well as suggest books, articles and other things to brighten your day and of course encourage listeners to suggest some to me. Look forward to hearing from you

If you haven´t already, check out the site and become a fan on facebook and follow on twitter. The information is all on the first site of



An American Girl Moves to Vienna said...

Hi Anna,

Enjoyed the podcast and am enjoying Brighten Your Day....keep the good stuff coming!


Anna C said...

thank you so much for your comment. It´s so funny, i do plenty of different things, my site, podcast, blog but i dont get feedback

so please if you have some funny video, pictures, inspiring quotes or story feel free to send it to me at