Thursday, February 04, 2010


Arrived in Vienna and Austrian Airlines managed to ruin my bag, so I went to complain and got two bags as a compromise. So i went home with three bags and carried them up 20 stairs to my apartment (20 something kilos, really heavy). But I was happy to see my boyfriend and begin my life in Vienna.

However, I got sick again. Started with a throat ache, then stuffy nose and coughing, typical and was suffering for a weak. I blame the cold weather (it´s different than in Iceland...way colder in vienna). I used the time though, i created the website , where i post fun videos, photos, blog and quotes.Check it will definitely brighten your day :P

I met my best friend (she lives in Berlin these days) was so great but too short. I also met Sandra for drinks, always great to catch up with old colleagues.  Then I met my friends (we call ourselves the cashmere mafia) but it ended in a fight. Roomate problem. Can´t blame them, if you push your feelings down they will come up eventually. So much for movienight.

It got me though thinking, the cashmere mafia is all going away. This is what I hate about living in a city like Vienna, you meet people and then they leave. What´s the point? But then again, when we meet people we never know who is going to end up being your lifetime friend. Most of my friends back in Iceland are a mix of that, childhood friends, those i met as a teenager and then college. It also depend on your place in life. Some loose touch, not because they want to but because they are busy with work, family, etc. I wish i could gather all my best friends and move them to Vienna because its a great city but I find myself missing my family and friends. Then was my choice to move here so I have to accept it and try to look at the things i have.

I had two job interviews, in both they said I needed to improve my German. I agree with them so I am beginning my german class in beginning February.

I met Angelika, a pianist that lives Tulln (right outside Viena) and we had a jam session.... so much fun and what a talent...check out her site:

I suggested to the dance studio that we would offer Ball workshops (to those who attend the balls in Vienna) and the phone hasn´t stop ringing...LOVE IT. I also have my jazz classes so plenty to do. For those in Vienna who are interested in dancing, aerobics, belly dancing, yoga or pilates, visit Casomai

Thanks to Tom and Alex at my old company for their help with my computer. The battery was completely ruined so they got me a new one. You gotta love knowing tech guys.

The only thing nice about being sick and unemployed was spending time with my boyfriend. He took such good care of me but then again he always does. Just laying in his arms always makes me feel better. He also cooked for me, I love his cooking, it is the best. We are hooked on Scrubs, then again, its one of the few shows that is good in German. I can´t believe this summer we have been together for 6 years. How time flies. I´ve been living in Vienna for 5 years. Unbelievable.


Ps. Congratulations to the Icelandic handball team, they were in 3rd place in the European handball championship. I am so proud when Icelanders are doing good, we are only 320,000 but we are definitely talented! GO ICELAND!

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