Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine´s day

In Iceland we don´t really celebrate Valentine´s day, aka single awareness day, at least we didn´t until a couple of years ago. It´s nothing compared to the US. Mostly couples celebrate, especially since in Iceland there is a day for wife´s and husband´s (where they give each other something special) and therefore the couples use this day to give each other something special. In Austria it´s the same, couples celebrate but it´s no big deal.

My best Valentine´s day was when I was in university. Hung out with my boyfriend, ate chocolate until I went to school. After I finished classes, me and my friends met and had a little anti-valentine´s day....a Sex and the City marathon. Then we went to a karaoke/cocktail bar. There my boyfriend surprised me and came to the bar with a rose, so sweet. Such a nice end to the evening, fun with my girls and then spent the evening with my man.

Unfortunately my boyfriend is in Kosovo right now, when we could be celebrating our anniversary as well as Valentine´s day. He will make it up to me when comes back. We celebrate each other everyday, anyhow so today, I will enjoy myself, just relax, watch TV and teach jazz.

Happy Valentine´s Day!

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