Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Although my love went home to Kosovo for three weeks I had plenty to do

I am now taking German courses from Monday to Thursday from 13:00-17:15, and will do so for the next 6 months. Will for sure have "Sehr gute Deutschkenntnisse" after that.

But that means I will stay until July 28, I will probably miss the last week of classes because I´m going to Kosovo in July to my boyfriend´s sister wedding. I´ve already seen a traditional icelandic church wedding, buddhist lesbian 1930´s theme wedding and now an albanian one...CANNOT WAIT.

Although I´m taking German classes that doesn´t mean I´ve stopped looking for jobs. On the contrary. I had a job interview at World Bank and Western Union...yes the banks want me. I was also offered a my old job at Raiffeisen. I might take the one at Western Union since I need extra money (flight ticket to Kosovo costs 400 euros as of now, how much will it be later).

I was a good friend and sent postcards to a couple my friends as well as birthday presents to my 6 months old nieces (onesies and chocolate for their parents) and my best friend Alexandra (cd´s, postcards, chocolate, etc.). It was the least I could do since I wasn´t there.

Then there is the dance teaching. Jazz basic lessons are going really well and I have seven women in my class (which is a lot since the room is small) and i also teach ball workshop, which I really enjoy. Talking about Casomai, I had a presentation with Valentina (the owner) at the Women´s Career Network meeting, where Valentina spoke about the studio and then I taught them a little dance routine. It was really fun. I met with Valentina before, since she didn´t know anything about this, i told her it would be 30 something people and we would speak in English. But I loved it because then Valentina spoke from the heart. It went great.

I was also very social. I met manuela and we finally checked out the Chinese restaurant in my neighbourhood (it was really good). We were the only ones there so we were VIP. Then we had a movienight at my place and watched The Sweetest Thing. It had been ages since i saw it. Still enjoy the sillyness of that movie. I also met eva for a movie night, we saw Sex and the city movie, since she hadn´t seen it. I can watch that movie over and over, i love it. Then we saw Four Christmases, which i like as well. We spoke first in English and then in German since I have to practise my German.

Had a girls night with anca, ligia, manuela, andreea and Denisa, met them at Chillout but manuela and andreea left us as we went to the clubs to dance. We ended going to Platzhirsch, which played 90´s music which i both loved ("living on my own" with Freddie Mercury) and hated (sorry, don´t like Vengaboys), but i had fun with the girls which was the most important part.

I spent Valentine´s day having a One Tree Hill marathon and then taught dance. After that, me and Sanja went for a beer at this bar called Möbel, where you can actually buy the furniture inside. I thought the idea was cool. Nice bar too.

I wrote articles at Pressan (icelandic media), including Fasching, at Faschingsdienstag I dressed up as 80´s/90´s, finished my german lesson and went to a party at my former company (Raiffeisen). It was really fun to see everyone dressed up, Tina angel, Alex vampire, tom superman, andreas cowboy, sandra oriental, etc. Unfortunately, I had to leave early and teach jazz dance. 

What else, I voted for the first time ever (no for icesave deal), watched tons of movies and marathon of tv-series and bought business cards for I need it for networking events (like WCN). Talking about my site, I´ve been working like crazy, hoping to open a new and improved site soon. I´m thinking April/May, depends on my schedule. Tried Joomla but I think I´ll end up using wordpress (it´s easier and user-friendly).

Made my first podcast for, listen or download it to itunes at: 

I have a campaign going to try to get 500 fans on my facebook site and I´m hoping for your help. Go to the facebook site, add to friends, then invite as many people as you can. You can also post it on your site or even just talk about the site in your daily life. I want to cheer as many people up as I can and I´m sure you want that as well so from now on you, my dear readers, are on team


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