Monday, March 15, 2010


I was contacted by the founder of InterNations regarding this blog. He had read it as well as brighten your day site ( and wanted to put my blog in the guide of InterNations, as a reference to expats in Vienna.

Before I could say yes, I checked out the site and i liked it. The only problem is that it´s exclusive so I don´t know many people there. But maybe it´s a good thing, like when you´re alone at a gathering, it forces you to get to know people. Also means I´m VIP :P

For those who don´t know....

InterNations is the largest global networking site for expats of various nationalities and their family members. At the moment, they have 150, 000 members in 230 cities worldwide,where expatriates and their partners can connect with compatriots, receive advice on the expat life in their host country and find expat information and resources in their city guide. It was founded by three young entrepreneurs and has been online since September 2007. They came up with an web-based solution for the ‚real-life‘ problems of the expat community – and their business concept was promptly awarded the “Land der Ideen” award by the German government and the Federation of German Industries.


InterNations Expat Community Vienna

I´m mentioned in the guide as follows:

"Welcome to my world is a personal blog of an Icelander living in Vienna together with her boyfriend from Kosovo.

The author is freelance journalist and columnist, as well as a dance teacher and a singer. So she knows a lot of differnet areas and can tell many stories about her expat life on her blog. Comparisons between Austria and her home country Iceland also put an intercultural focus on this blog.

The blog is an excellent resource for expats living in Vienna or planning to move there soon.

The author is also the owner of the website With this homepage, she tries to brighten the readers day as well as inspire him with fun and interesting material.

How awesome is that!!!!

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