Sunday, April 04, 2010

Icelandic vs. Austrian Easter

 Icelandic : The big thing in Iceland is the chocolate egg, which is filled with Icelandic candy and has a saying like "the apple doesn´t fall far from the tree" with a bird (or a figure like smurf) on top. Only tradition my family had at Easter was to hide the egg and make us find it.  Some people go to church but my family doesn´t. The only time I went to church at that time was for my confirmation.  This holiday is pretty much an excuse to eat tons of chocolate with your family and enjoy your time off.

A holiday spent eating chocolate, gotta love that, especially while studying for your exams. 


Austrian: The big thing at Easter is the hunt is for easter eggs, which are painted on the day before Easter and then hidden in the backyard for kids to find. Then the whole family gathers and eats a special easter meal, chocolate rabbits and some even give presents. They also have easter markets, where they sell easter products and have an easter egg hunt for the kids. My favourite is Schönbrunn.

My mom was kind enough to send me and my boyfriend two icelandic chocolate egg, so thanks to her  I think I have the best of both worlds,  the chocolate eggs from Iceland and then  the easter markets, chocolate rabbits and other eater traditions in Vienna, Austria. 

That´s the good thing about being an expat, different traditions collide. 
And who can say no to all this chocolate :P

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