Saturday, April 10, 2010

Vienna is colder than Reykjavik

Spring has arrived here in Vienna, after months of snow. It feels like spring in Iceland, i´m still waiting for the barbeque smell (i used to live in a suburb in iceland so more there than the city of vienna).
But it´s still cold.

When people hear I´m from Iceland, they say "wow it must be cold there." I understand that. The name says it....ICE-land, the land of Ice. Or as Zeppelin sang in the Immigrant Song : "We come from the land of the ice and snow, From the midnight sun where the hot springs blow."

The Americans say proudly say what they know about it: "Iceland is green and Greenland is ice." I would love to know where they learn that but it´s true. Fantastic article about the history of these countries names:

Here is my answer that might surprise people: "Vienna is colder than Reykjavik"

In Iceland it´s because of it´s wind. If there is no wind, snow or rain it´s good. No humidity.
In Vienna, however,  it can look like the perfect weather, sunny and no wind, rain or snow, yet -15 degrees and freezing. I find that strange. Plus it goes from 10 to 0 in one day. BRRRRR....

Of course the summers in Austria are way warmer, but sweaty heat, which i don´t like.  You have to go to Iceland in July to understand what hot is in Iceland and it´s nice hot, not sweaty....just right.

In Iceland we have a saying "if you don´t like the weather, wait 5 min" and i thought it only applied to Iceland but my god, here in Vienna i never know what type of weather it´s going to be. Like the picture below. All of a sudden...pouring rain.

The Viennese love to complain about the weather. It´s their hobby. 

In Iceland we have warm houses/apartments. We use geothermal heating (heat from the ground) to heat our houses, so it´s cheaper to warm our houses. It´s so expensive here in Vienna and waste of heating because the ceilings are so high in the older buildings that its like burning money. So warm houses in Iceland contribute to us staying warm in the wintertime.

So when I (or any Icelander) say
"I´m cold,"

i´m hoping you dear readers won´t say what people say now
"but you´re from Iceland".

..that just shows you don´t know anything about Iceland.

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