Friday, October 22, 2010

Just missing a halo

In Iceland we don´t really have a rule like the Americans do with the 10% of your paycheck should go to charity. But we are happy to give our money to charity, especially if there is a special occasion. The charities in Iceland have been very active and creative, finding ways for people to give money and receive something instead, like lipgloss, candy, pin, necklace, key chain and ticket to events.

I try to support a charity every month in some way but nothing tops the other day. The Red Cross was collecting money, asking people to volunteer and go from house to house. See ad below

Of course I volunteered. I had to work so i grabbed a box and placed it on the table at the reception. I also gave them money, since i was in the red cross youth group and know all the great things they do.

That wasn´t all i did. I had to go to the book shop and saw a pin to support breast cancer (october is breast cancer month) so i thought, since i´d already given something, why not finish the day with a bang.

So there i was at work with a sticker that said i was a volunteer with a box to collect money and a pin to support breast cancer. The only thing missing was the halo ;)

What can i say, i love doing good things....

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