Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ice Ice baby

As usual, I went back home to Iceland for the holidays.I flew to from Vienna (Austria) to Copenhagen (Denmark) and then there to Keflavik (Iceland). Always great to see a member of my family at the airport. I spent the first days getting things done, went to the hairdresser (dyed my hair black and got bangs) and had a checkup at the dentist. It was alright. I can´t remember what I did next, i believe my mom made me some icelandic treat (fiskibollur) and I relaxed for the rest of the day.

On Dec. 19 I went to my best friend Frikki (he studies in Milan), his mom had a welcome home party so i joined him and his friends. I had promised to meet another friend of mine, so I said my goodbyes and drove two of his friend, since it was on my way, we chatted the whole way, so nice to get to know people sometimes. I went to Guðrún, who I talked to for many many hours, we watched TV, she showed me pictures of the house she and her boyfriend were buying and her new cat. Before I realised it, it was after midnight which meant it was my birthday.

Dec. 20.... i love birthdays, especially on facebook, i got 60 something birthday wishes there. I loved it! As usual my family woke me up early in the morning and sang happy birthday song and gave me presents. I feel like a kid when they do it, such a nice family tradition. I talked to my boyfriend on Skype and then my mom and I went to the shopping mall to exchange a dress I got and spend some quality time. In the evening me, my mom, dad, brother and his girlfriend celebrated my birthday at Caruso, a very cosy Italian place. A quality time with my family and tons of wishes from friends and acquaintances, it was a great day.

Next day I celebrated my birthday. I hung out with my best friend Frikki until the party started (a tradition of ours). It was really nice, we were few but it was better that way. My mom had been so great to make us a marenskökur (icelandic cookie type of thing) and bought tons of sweets so we pretty much hung around the table and talked and laughed the whole night. We didnt do anything but that, no sing star, no board games. That´s what makes good friends. All they need is each other.

When I´m on a holiday I honestly cant tell the days apart so all I know is that I met a couple of friends, relaxed and bought christmas presents for my family. I couldn´t sleep three nights in a row because of my arm, i had an ache in my right arm. I went to my aunt and she told me it was because of stiffness in my neck and i should stop sleeping on my stomach (touche because i love it).

I also watched Dagvaktin and Fangavaktin, which is popular icelandic series, so popular that they made a movie Bjarnfreðarson, which me, my sister and my brother and his girfriend saw later together. Great series=great movie.

Dec. 24 is always the same. Me and my brother are working santas, bringing presents to friends and family and this time we were quite late which meant we had dinner at 7, normally we have it at 6 when we wish each other merry Christmas. My dad cooked a great pork and we ate that with brown sauce, yellow beans and red cabbage. My favourite is through the appertiser which is tartlet. We put then an almond in one of them and the person that gets that receives a price, a board game which we later play. I got great presents as always. The most personal was from Frikki, who made me a cd, and a brochure which explained why he picked each song, describing a memory of us, so sweet. My family also gave me awesome clothes. Funny moment: when my brother looked at our nieces presents and said "I´m not the youngest anymore"..... he was always the youngest and got the most presents, touche.

Dec. 25 is always a lazyday, where we lie in our pajamas and mom and dad finish off reading the christmas cards and we play a board game or watch series.

My sister, her fiance and the babies arrived on Dec. 26 (they live in Denmark) and stayed at our apartment, yes 8 people (my mom, dad, brother, me and my sister, her fiance and the 5 month old twin girls)..... it was really crowded but cozy.

On Dec. 26 Me and Frikki went to a party of former dancers. It was great to catch up with some people I hadn´t seen in years but otherwise I was one of the oldest there. It was full of youngsters and i was too sober for that. We then picked up Solla and her friend and then went downtown, oh we weren´t the only ones. It was sooooo busy. We went to Dillon, Oliver and in the end we split up and me and Frikki went to the gay bar Barbarella. I love gay bars, because there is great girly music, enough space to dance, no judgment and nobody is bugging you (guys, sorry but no means no).

Next couple of days I saw more friends (even went out for a walk...it was great walking in the snow), had second christmas for the Danes, it was great, babies first Icelandic Christmas. I loved hanging out with my nieces and playing with them, the only problem was i didn´t sleep well for the rest of my stay because i didn´t have a proper bed, i gave mine up to my sister and her family. It´s hard to go from bed to bed and i often waited until my parents went to work and then took a nap. My uncle who lives in the State also stayed with us and brought two guests with him and we talked for a long time. I love having discussion with Americans about the things going on around the world. These were Americans that have travelled a lot and had a lot of stories. Nice to get to know them and their views. 

New years eve, my family always goes to my aunt and we celebrate with my mom´s side of the family, have dinner, watch the news from the year that is passing and then the sketch show (clip Island er í lagi, on my blog). It was so great this year, really coming hard down on all the politicians playing the blaming game, banking crisis ("all the money is gone, puff, but we managed to save your debt"), then met Frikki, his boyfriend Davíð and Solla, we drank more at his place and then went downtown to a ball and had a great time. Great girly music, including the Spice Girls....loved it. There I also met a schoolmate I haven´t met since I was 12. Wow how much has happened since then. If somebody would have told me I would live in Vienna with my boyfriend from Kosovo, finished with BA in Media Communications and writing articles in newspapers and online news, I would have never believed it.

2010... a new year. Met more friends and then my aunt taught me how to knit so I knitted a piece for my neck. Intensive, 5 hours the first day which made me want to quit but i kept going and spent more time with my aunt, which was great because I seldom get time with her. Me and Frikki celebrated 10 years of friendship, by eating taco bells and watching Friends series (typical of us). It was great. I also helped my mom at an event "the 3 Tenors", I seated people and then helped with the champagne. I went swimming with my sister, her fiance, my parents and the twins. It was a great family moment.  Me and my friends had a theme party, ugly ducking to beautiful swan. We dressed ugly, played games and then dressed in our party clothes and went downtown and danced at B5. Funny evening. I had a great time but in the end I had enough and couldnt wait to go back to normal life with my love.

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