Sunday, January 10, 2010

Two different worlds

"Vienna waits for you"

I´m an Icelander that lives in Vienna, Austria. It´s like two different worlds because when I go on holidays to Iceland I stay with my parents and fall back into the pattern like when I was younger, leave the laundry, cooking and other stuff to my parents. It´s not fair since i am 24 but old habits die hard, plus its nice to be a kid again.

Then i spend my time trying to meet as much of my friends, who never really ask me about my life in vienna. Which is better because where do i begin. A lot can happen in a year. It´s also good because then we dont waste time catching up, we enjoy our time together doing stuff or talking about things that are happening now, not things that are done. If they want to follow what I´ve been up to they can read my facebook, blog or other things. It helps. Like with my dad, since he started a blog, I know more about him and can talk to him more because of it, ask him about things he wrote in his blog.

In Vienna, I take care of everything, I work, pay bills, do my laundry and shop for groceries or in other words, act like a grown up (at least in that perspective :P). I take care of me and my wonderful boyfriend. We have our lives there where we are in charge.

The interesting thing is that I don´t know anything else. This is how it´s been since I´ve moved to Vienna. It´s a good thing really, to spend your holiday in your hometown with your family and friends and stay at hotel mom and dad and then you come back to your normal life in Vienna.

These may be two different worlds but its better because I know my part in each of them ;)


An American Girl Moves to Vienna said...

Hi Anna,
I just came across your blog and I really enjoy it along with your Brighten Your Day site! I'm particularly interested because my soon-to-be-husband and I are hoping to move to Vienna sometime within the next year. Keeping up with your blog will certainly help me as I think about life as an ex-pat. It's great to read about other's experiences.

If you're at all interested, I'm chronicling this year of planning in my own blog,

You keep writing/I'll keep reading!
- Caroline

Anna C said...

Hi Caroline

Great to hear from you.

Thank you, i´m happy you like my sites. I really like yours as well. I put it on my blog list here on the page so i can follow it.

I recommend you to also take a look at my friends´ site (she´s from L.A. and moved here and writes about her experiences as an expat):

Once you are in Vienna, I´d be happy to meet up with you or at least write e-mails with because i´m sure you´ll need some person who you can ask about things, who has been here longer.

Keep in touch
Anna C

Anonymous said...

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