Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Couldn´t breathe!!!

Figures that the day that i had an amazing day,hung out with my best friend,  2 hour walk and watched a movie with a cold one  in hand, so happy with my life that the next day i would be fighting for my life!

I thought i was having a cold so stayed inside, drank hot water with ginger, cough syrup and tried to sleep, only to have a suffocating feeling and all of a sudden i couldnt catch my breath. So i ran towards the kitchen where my mom stood stunned at my state, tried to stay calm, and try to to breath slowly so i could catch my breath.  I ran outside where i sat down and barely was able to catch my breath. I couldnt speak after that, literally. I was crying my eyes out. Nothing like that had ever happened and i was terrified.

My mom took me to the emergency room where the doctor informed me i had had an allergy reaction (atopic allergy). I got some histamin tablets and that was it. Needless to say i had trouble sleeping.

Nothing scarier than not being able to breathe! Got also a nasty virus which lasted 2 weeks.
Not a pleasant way to spend your vacation.

Ironic that i had just met my friend, who wanted to meet me because she dreamt i had died. On the same day i can´t breathe.....i was thinking of this when this all was happening, hoping she wasnt a psychic. SPOOKY!

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