Saturday, September 24, 2011

L.A. BABY!!!!

Still wake up every morning and have to pinch myself to see if i´m not dreaming.... it´s so surreal 


I was so fortunate to have my parents with me along for the ride. We flew to Seattle and then L.A. LAX is a really big airport so i don´t know if it´s just the exit for the alaska airlines but our exit was really old fashioned and chaotic. Not very organized. Maybe i´m too used to the European airports. Could be. 
We got a taxi, which felt more like being in a police car, since it had such little space for our feet in the back and glass window between with one hole to talk to the driver. We stayed at the Comfort Inn on Sunset Boulevard, a nice hotel on a  great location, very close to Hollywood Blvd. 

my mom and dad with my school (MI) in the background

We went on a hop on hop off bus where we drove around the city, through Hollywood Blvd, Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, Melrose, La Brea and the Grove. Jumped off the bus and walked 30 min down Melrose and met Ragga, a friend of my sister, at Urth Cafe. I had a blast talking to her, she made me feel so welcome. The next day we saw the school and went to Zumba class, only to meet a former classmate of mine. Small world indeed! Turns out she lives close by and goes to my gym. 

Next we worked on finding apartments for me, so we went to the school and got a list of people who needed roommates, i called one girl called Natalie, she didn't answer. My mom later had to get some forms and on the way she found Natalie. Turns out she had a room available, with 2 roommates, a guy from Swiss, Gabriel and a girl from France, Angie. I saw the apartment building, with sun deck, hot tub, swimming pool, gym and the apartment was really nice too. I met Gabriel and Angie and decided to take it! I got the apartment, bank card , phone and a computer all in one day.
And it was soooo easy.... at least next to life in Vienna, Austria.

Since that was all settled, i got to enjoy the rest of the time with my parents. We spent most of the time shopping, I got some jewelry from the J.Lo Collection at Kohl, t-shirts at Forever 21 at Glendale Galleria and underwear at Victoria Secret in Beverly Center. My mom and I had the best Ceasar salad at a place called "Stone Oven" at Beverly Center. AMAZING! I loved spending some time with my mom and dad and i´m so grateful that they were there to help me out.

I went with my roommates, Natalie and Gabriel, to see Chinatown...... only to find a little town, or a little  square. I thought it was amazing to see a little china there but i thought there would be more. Still appreciate the effort. We took the metro back to hollywood where we stumbled upon a premiere of Abduction, red carpet and all, Taylor Lautner there somewhere. Always something going on in L.A.

Met Jónína, a fellow Icelander from my school and her friend Andrea, at Maui´s, only to have fever, stomach ache and chills by the end. I don't know if it was sun sting, food poisoning or nerves but i felt horrible so I went back to the hotel. My stomach has been a little upset lately, maybe because of the new environment, food and just everything. Everything is new, which can be a little overwhelming.

We went to Universal Studios and bought the Priority pass and boy....was it worth it. We would have normally waited for at least 30 min in front of every line but with the pass we got in front of the line. I loved seeing the studio tour, where we saw the set of Desperate Housewives, Psycho, War of the Wolds and Grinch who stole Christmas and so many other sets like Little Italy, Mexico, France, Western and green screen they use for movies. In that ride you go through King kong ride and jaws. Such fun!

We also went to Krustyland (Simpsons ride) and wow, it was so cool. It was a simulator but you moved a lot so you felt like you were on a roller coaster. It´s spectacular. Outside they also have the Quick-E-Mart, where the Simpsons family posed with visitors. Then there was a cool Pirate show and a special effect one. I loved that one, sure i knew a lot of it, but their presentation of it was fun. There was also a Shrek land, where you had a seat and it shook and stuff, but i didn't like that as much, it was just uncomfortable, at least for my back. We ended the day watching Blues Brothers show. Great end of a great day!

My dad left on Thursday and my mom on Monday. On Monday I moved to my new apartment. I got settled in and took a Latin class at the gym in the evening. It was soo much fun.

The next day was really busy, registered at school, and then walked up Runyon Canyon (a mountain close by my place). It was really steep, but i made it to the top and wow, what a view! You can see over the whole city. So beautiful! Then I met Gréta, an awesome Icelandic girl, and we really bonded, we had a little jam session at her place and then went out. Met her Danish friends at Sky bar, then saw live music at a bar where she sings sometime and met even more people and ended the night at 101, where we met her friend Gerard Butler. He was so nice, came over and introduced himself and talked about how much he loves Iceland, its his second favorite city to visit. It was a pleasure meeting him. We came home at 4 o´clock so i chilled the next day, slept in and talked to my friends on Skype. Thanks to the time difference i have to talk to them at noon (then its evening their time). I spent the evening chilling with my awesome roommate Natalie or as i call her my Swedish sista! Love her! Too bad she's moving to London :(

I met more awesome Icelandic girls, my home girl Ragga picked me up and we went to Santa Clarita and picked up Ágústa (she lives in a suburb, reminds me of Desperate housewives, so cute) and went back to L.A. at a very cozy restaurant where we met Hrafntinna. They were all so lovely, we talked for hours and even had drinks at Formosa. Such fun! we will for sure hang out more often.

I used the time lately to feel at home in my new home, it´s good to use the time now while Gabriel is in Asia and Angie is staying with her boyfriend, then i get to familiarize myself with the apartment and feel at home instead of their place.

I´m so fortunate to have such good parents that were willing to help me move here and fortunate to have met such great people in L.A. and thankfully things have gone quite smoothly here. Easy breezy!

as for L.A.... so far so good!

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